So here's what I've got so far

The King of Route 67

Strikers 1946 IV

Sesame Street 124


The 12th Hour

Roommania #204


Edit: How could I forget King of Fighters '100

Action 53

Only one month too late but I am back on this computer and it had that stupid image waiting for me on the desktop.


Tetris 100

F-118 Night Storm

Super Mario Advance 5: Super Mario Bros 4

I guess I should eventually update this post… I just got a little overwhelmed

Final Fantasy X-3.

lol some of my recs are in the first post :stuck_out_tongue:

another one tho, 3Spicy

Devil's Fourth

For “Vigilante 9,” I believe you meant Vi9ilante

Wolfenstein 3E (in hexadecimal)

@adamazing#4183 oh that's perfect

Broth3rs: A Tale of Three Sons

2 vs 101

ooh, here's one nobody mentioned yet.

Wild 10

I am astonished Asuka 120% Burning Fest hasn't been mentioned.

I'm on podcast episode #135 and they mentioned another game that surprisingly hasnt been mentioned here despite fitting the topic perfectly…

One the Kamikaze Squirrel

I am also surprised these last two weren‘t already on the list!! I’ve failed


I have:

  • - One and a half life
  • - Breath of fire: Dragon five quarters
  • - Two pieces
  • - Quadrals
  • - Novodad (?)
  • - Huiterra Core
  • - Drei III
  • @Yattaf#4368

    i have to admit that while I had heard about Zwei!! i didn’t know about its sequel Zwei II until I looked the first one up for this post

    What a great video game name. Two Two, the sequel to Two