So it's come to this: Show Me Anything Nintendo

Yeah, I've been playing splatoon 3 too and have an urge to free palestine


Hit this

Why does Peach have to be a part of a stage production in the Princess Peach game? It makes me feel like all the butt-kicking she's ostensibly doing there is fake, and she needs the help of stagehands and set designers to make it happen.

I mean sure they've made Mario a piece of paper multiple times now, but Peach has had two games. In one, she was an emotional basket case, and in the other, she's _pretending_ at being the protagonist of a video game.

I love Nintendo as much as (more than?) anyone else on this forum, but even I'm WTFing pretty hard about this one.

that's the same conceit as SMB3 though

I feel this counts as anything

here's in action (don't get your hopes up, sorry in advance)




@“beets”#p136286 A definitive guide to the Picross timeline

Thanks for this timeline. Didn't knew I needed it.

Now I need to complete the saga. Here're my games. Learned this summer that Picross2 is not saving so I need to fix it or play it on the supercheap everdrive-like cart.



@“whatsarobot”#p156454 Why does Peach have to be a part of a stage production in the Princess Peach game?

maybe at the end, she get to fight the puppet master! or even god*!

*don’t gent your hopes too high
*haven’t played the demo

@“whatsarobot”#p156454 boys need everything to be like The Warriors (1979). Maybe Peach just wants to put on a show!!

I don't know how I'm going to find time to play this demo, plus the games I'm already playing, plus the Moomin game that just came out, plus the games I'm #ThinkingOfPlaying.

@“connrrr”#p156497 Peeeeach, come out to pla-ay!!

@“rootfifthoctave”#p156469 You know what, that’s a great point. I forgot about that.

kind of appropriate


Kanye then ran to the gardens and attempted to pick up and toss the garden,” the lawsuit continues. “But, too weak and out of shape – failed to pick them up. Instead, he started pulling out the plants and individual pieces inside the boxes, ripping them apart and throwing them on the floor, in a worse and more immature temper tantrum than any of even the youngest Donda schoolchildren had ever thrown. The rapper then “physically threatened” Phillips, according to the suit, repeatedly saying he was “going to punch you in the face” before his mood suddenly shifted. “Imitating the celebratory dance of Mario from the famous video game Super Mario Brothers,” the suit claims. “Kanye jumped up with punching one fist in the air, while he said “I’m gonna give you one more chance. Another life!”


One of the greatest achievements in the history of French sports. Which means, just like World Cup 1998, we should just appreciate and move along and not dig up too much to double check if there was some chicanery behind the win.


Here’s a useful companion vid for anyone who doesn’t know what they’re looking at or why it’s particularly impressive. 18 back-to-back frame perfect jumps in a row!

New Endless Ocean ASMR video just dropped, has me feeling pretty ok about this one