songs that are conspicuously similar

I feel like there was a thread about this (probably started by me!?) but I can‘t find it, so here’s another.

to give an example jim power's stage one is basically just a song from wanderers from ys. the composer didn't apparently do it on purpose, but it sure is there.

I found a suuuuuuuper obscure one today, as though the above weren't obscure enough. Check out this track from Maria, which came out on PS and Saturn in 1997:

now listen to this Magic Knight Rayearth track from '95

Again I reckon it wasn't intentional, but that sure is that melody again!!
Uhhh if anyone sees that old thread I'll post this stuff in there, otherwise let's keep going here!

wait until the piano kick in at about 30 seconds and then

I allllmost see it but reign's intro almost sounds like the inverse of this piano riff!

I thought I posted this in that other thread but also can't find it. Weird. Anyway every 80s rock song is the Elecman Theme:

And when Tom Cat says “keep you burning” as well

lotta “watch on youtube” videos here that should just get over themselves

@“exodus”#p47630 Wrestling themes will constantly do the Vanilla Ice change one note and say it is a different song thing. But when I first heard it I was going crazy trying to figure out what it reminded me of. I should have known it was my obsession with the Silent Hill soundtrack at play.

Yeah haha, I wish Universal Music Group were a tad less universal, or at least their tagging algorithm was

Oh! I have one of these that I put in the “non video game music that sounds like video game music” thread a while back, but this seems like the true home for it. I will therefore reproduce that post, verbatim:

I noticed this the other day and I don't know where else to put this information, so I guess you all get to hear it! This is kind of the inverse (the non-game music came first), but "Shake Off" by Yasuhito Saito from _Rayxanber_ reminds me of "Kagami no Naka no Actress" by Meiko Nakahara from _Kimagure Orange Road_.


I definitely see it! This also sounds like another song though, which I can‘t place right now… I think that first sequence of three notes was used a lot in music around that era (though that’s not the only similarity)

@“exodus”#3 That old thread (that you didn't make) is here.

SHOOT. I wonder if we should just migrate this stuff over there

the GOAT: Dr. Robotnik‘s Mean Bean Machine vs. Wendy’s “Hot Drinks” promo video (links fixed)

@“gsk”#p47652 this worked impeccably:

I came into this thread because I‘m playing Deadly Premonition and it’s driving me insane how much “Life is Beautiful” from that game sounds like Super Mario World. I‘m sure it’s not a new observation but man is it in my head.

The old thread was (probably) this one:


oh, I got a few for this:

bubble bobble and gimmick:

casiopea and game gear/master system sonic:

The Xenoblade Chronicles track veers off into a series of beautiful layering crescendos, but the very beginnings of these two tracks always sounded conspicuously similar to me:

(reprised in the [Metroid Dread Title Theme](, among others)

@“NoJoTo”#p47962 I never heard that Casiopea comparison, that's great!

The classic comparison I have seen for that Sonic GG track is this Janet Jackson song: