Sonic on the Saturn in 3D

well at least one more I guess

Is that where broncos come from?

@exodus#335 for sure. This looks exactly like Tree Top Town in Donkey Kong Country

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@exodus#419 I feel ashamed - I‘ve been playing Burning Rangers lately, but didn’t even realize that was a thing. The mini disc and really nice set is super cool.

one of the (extremely) few benefits of paying attention to physical media!

@exodus#471 I actually have a copy of the japanese release, and had to dig it out from the back of the bookcase I had it in to see. That‘s the part I’m ashamed of - it's been sitting 5 feet away while I am oblivious about it, haha.


Summer of 1996, my parents take us to a Houston Astros baseball game. We stop by a convenience store before heading to the Astrodome. My mom let's me pick up a Game Players magazine with Sonic X-treme on the cover. I don't remember much about the baseball game, but I do remember obsessing over this concept render of Jade Gulley Zone in Sonic X-treme. Young me thought these were in-game graphics.

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Even though we didn't get X-treme, the Mystic Ruins forest/jungle/whatever from Sonic Adventure scratched that tree village itch for me.

Almost sort of a Moebius take on the concept. (Appropriately enough.)

I wanted a 3D Sonic desperately as a youth with a Saturn, but I‘ll echo Persona and say I’m pretty happy having grown up with the surrealism of NiGHTs and the Christmas disc. That tradition still gives me life to this day.

yeah, I'm not big on holidays, but a christmas nights session on christmas eve feels nice!!

@exodus#522 The live content that maps to the actual year is really cool. I‘d love to see another game do something like this - a mini/partial version of a title that really taps into the system clock and lets you experience things at various points in time. That timed activity (that you can always cheat and set the clock to access) idea was always really appealing to me. It’s part of why I always found the SNES Satellaview really fascinating.

I was thinking about that a while ago myself, but I feel like these days it‘d be seasonal dlc or loot drops, which isn’t as exciting. If you actually tied it to the system clock there might be some security issues on pc too?? I dunno… But I've been thinking about it!

It‘s interesting to me how much that stuff is in the same vein, but completely fails to scratch the same itch. There’s a lot of seasonal content in some MMOs, for example, but I can only find Wintersday in Guild Wars 2 so interesting the 4th time around, even though I can play Christmas NiGHTS over and again.

I think part of it is the appeal of hunting for the seasonal/timed secrets. In GW2, the seasonal events just get thrown at you when it‘s time. If it were DLC, it would be a pay for it then play it situation. But with Xmas NiGHTS, it’s more of a hunt. Each day there might be something interesting and new to discover. And if not, well, you already turned it on, and it's a ton of fun to play anyways…

Yeah, I think the aspect of mystery is what‘s important - knowing it does something special on christmas, but also that it does something on new year’s eve is like… well, what ELSE does it do? And leads you to want to experiment. With seasonal DLC in MMOs, you know exactly what you‘re getting and for how long you’re getting it.

With christmas nights, whatever you find feels like "wow, look what *I* found!" I mean even if you look it up on gamefaqs or whatever it still feels like "hmm, I wonder what this combination at this time of day will yield." The possibility space is not actually that vast, but the potential it occupies in your mind is quite large!


Check out this Sonic Xtreme gameplay on 90s Can-Am comics, video games and pop culture show, The Anti Gravity Room:

And my slowly growing YouTube playlist of all the episodes and clips from that show I've been able to find. It's a fun time.

That was super embarrassing to watch! But wow, they actually showed that around with no collision eh? Must've been behind closed doors at ces?

Also she said sonic xtreme is coming to all 6 platforms. What could that possibly mean?? Genesis, game gear, Saturn, 32x, Sega cd, uhhhh master system??

@exodus#584 haha. Yeah that show is a bit over the top, but there wasnt anything else like it at the time. Really weird comment about the multi platform release. Wonder if there's any truth to that.

yeah, maybe she was used to saying that when talking about some other game and it just slipped in there.

@exodus#600 if it was Sonic 3D, I'd believe it. They could have put that game on everything.

I love that Sonic Mania tried to accomplish things (visual effects in the 3D bonus stages notably) mimicking what could have potentially been a Sega Saturn sequel to Sonic. In hindsight, something close to the mechanics, quality and style of Sonic Mania would have been the perfect solution for a new Sonic game on the Saturn. But most likely, during the Polygon Boom, such a game would have been panned for being focussed on 2D when Super Mario 64 existed in the same space. Commercially, the last chance to release a 2D Sonic game would probably have been 1995. Sadly, Knuckles Chaotix happened instead.

I do think the Sonic Team was right about their reticence to translating Sonic in 3D on the Saturn hardware. It was very tough to get the proper speed, framerate, draw distance and hitbox references which would have allowed the kind of experience people expected in their heads when thinking of 3D Sonic. Also, I doubt any 3D Sonic action game would have changed the situation in the West ; the game probably would have been mediocre from day one and then aged poorly very quickly. And Sonic did not factor in the success of the console in Japan anyway. Its short term success was all about the Virtua Fighter 2 craze, then missing on FF7 and (possibly more importantly) completely messing up the expected merger with Bandai.

The Sonic Team did hint at a new Sonic game for the SegaSaturn aiming for the 1997 holidays in Japan, in the promotional brochure for Sonic Jam's release (see picture below). This "Project Sonic" probably began as an early SegaSaturn version of what ultimately became Sonic Adventure on the Dreamcast for the 1998 holidays. I believe, in the end, what happened to Project Sonic was a win/win for Sega, players and Sonic alike. Maybe they'll show some bits from Project Sonic (in the same way they showed the Saturn version of Shenmue) one day when they celebrate some Sega or Sonic anniversary.

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