Sony's new camera

Sony is set to make an official announcement of their upcoming Sony A7c camera on the 15th.

but camera news always leaks, so here it is,

It's perfect!
Well, not quite; those two dedicated dials at the top might be better served dedicated to other things,
but that's pretty nit-picky.

This is basically a mashup of my two favorite cameras. All the specs of the A7, in the body of a Nex-7.
I don't know that I'll buy one because it's expensive and I'm pretty happy with my A7, but I'm delighted that this is being made, and I might buy one because it sure is tempting.

This is a range-finder styled full-frame camera that is smaller then a Leica M!
I'd love to pair one of these with my Voigtlander 40mm f1.4 and go picture taking.

I don‘t mean to sound rude but I’m generally curious, whats up with all high grade cameras looking the same (e.g. textured black plastic, boxy), is there a reason behind it?


It's an interesting question. Camera designs definitely seem to have trends.
This particular type of design is especially boxy in use. When you're holding it, the grip is obscured by your hand, so it looks like a little square with a lens on the front. I find this sort of design pretty cute when they are in use.

For a while cameras used to be metal and leather. It's hard to tell, but I think this one is mostly metal with textured plastic for the grips. Textured plastic does grip well. That little bump on the top right of the back is so your thumb has a good grip on the camera. This is a very practical design, maybe not the best looking though.

All black, and chrome and black have been the two mainstay color choices for this range of camera for a long time.
I don't know how that happened.

For comparison sake here is the Nex-7, I was comparing the body to in my first post.

It‘s officially announced. There’s even a review that went up.

It's got a few perks over my A7.
14-bit RAW
Option of being completely silent using an e-shutter
In-body image stabalization

That last one is the only thing I'm a little weary about.
_Sometimes_ cameras with in-body stabilization will have a noticeable rattle to them. I don't know if this does or not.

I want it a little more now.