Sound bites for IC Radio

Can‘t lie, Tim’s abuse of the Stream Deck to play well timed sound effects from Super Mario 64, Street Fighter II, DOOM and [REDACTED] tickles my bad morning FM radio show bones.

Let's post some of our favorites for the future (preferably clean with no music or other gameplay sounds).

Metal Slug - "Thank you!" (no, it's not that one)

Cadillacs and Dinosaurs - "Thats good!" (most of them are funny too...)

Geese Howard in CvsS 2 - all of it

Fighter's History - "TAKE A GOOD LOOK AT THAT!" "BIG TORNADO!"

Super Punch-Out!! - another [Chucky M. tour de force](

I don't know why but I find John Marston in non combat scenarios extremely funny

@“copySave”#p79788 I get:

“you, cannot. Escapefrommmmm-death.” going in my head all the dang time.

Here's one I think whenever something's big

In Fighter‘s History he says Big Tornado???

I’ve always thought it was Baked Potato. What else in my own fighters history has been a lie!?

You could have pretty much anything from the Wave Race 64 announcer but my favourite is “Don't sweat it!”.

Other favourites are ["Yippee! You did it!" from Starfox 64]( and many, many things from Operation Winback but ["Way to go kid"]( at the end of this clip is fantastic.

@“LeFish”#p79820 This is in my head anytime I hear the phrase “good luck.”

My pitch for when someone wins the episode in a landslide.

This guy‘s a loon… Play a- This guy’s a loon… Pla - This guy's a loon…

The announcer in World Series Baseball 2 on Saturn is a King.

This is just a random YouTube I found, so not sure if you'll get the real experience with it.

This noise would be my first selection, it is firmly etched into my brain.

One of cricket's peculiar rules is that the fielders must appeal to the umpire if they believe the batsman should be given out. If they don't, the umpire will not weigh in on it and the batsmen will continue batting. This never actually happens professionally (or even at an amateur level), because fielders instinctively turn to the umpire and just about anything can be construed as an appeal. Cricket also has circumstances that allow the possibility of there being additional decisions to weigh in on after the umpire has already declared the batsman "not out".

Furthermore - what started out as Australian fielders asking umpires "how was that?" eventually morphed into the word "howzat", which is often said as a declaration, rather than inquisitively.

The point of my big exposition dump? This SNES game had a dedicated appeal button (Y), and you could endlessly appeal as long as you like, the sound effect in the video would play, and the umpire would repeatedly give the decision "not out". This dental-plan-lisa-needs-braces loop would continue until the person with the controller (usually a small child) decided to stop pressing the Y button.

@“notthetoilet”#p79862 this is the kind of thing I like to learn about. Howzat indeed!!

pick your poison

An IC classic: [“I have to stay alive and write this article before I die.”](

When there's a good question: ["That's a good question"](

When you're gonna take a bath: [“I'm gonna take a bath. Nothin's gonna stop me!”](

Edit: this is not really answering the thread, but I would like to take a second to highlight my favourite use of Street Fighter samples, in - where else? - UK grime:

the sound clips are such low hanging fruit humor and yet it gets me every time.

BTW I had never played Klonoa before until the remasters and only now do I know that sound from the end when the producer gets a shout out.

Captain America & The Avengers has some of the best sound bites ever. There's like, 10 voices I think about all the time.


Hard to top mario‘s impactful pain, but listening to the show for so long, I can’t help but think of what similar sound bytes I‘d use. So without presumption that anyone would ever use any of these, here’s ones I hear in my head a lot.

The original _Final Fantasy Tactics_ death cry was hard to find with apropriate reverb-- I think the youtube rip was deleted, but here is the effeminate version wrapped up in a reverberated bow:
only male version I found had 0 reverb-- no one wants to hear that...

doubt anyone will have time to wade through this but it's 22 minutes of pure gold. Timestamped.
actually it seems like the video was edited since I posted it in [youre-doing-great-affirmational-game-phrases]( thread, the timestamp I used is not longer ~WHAT ~SHOULD ~I ~TELL ~MY ~MOM
so how about SEGA BASS FISHING instead... TIMESAP!!!
SEGA BASS FISHING 2 is way better but there is no voice audio rip video on youtube. BEEE CAREFUL.....


@“copySave”#p79788 Can’t lie, Tim’s abuse of the Stream Deck to play well timed sound effects

Ohhh, I was wondering how he did it. I want to know more about his setup. What's his program? Or is he just mouse clicking wav files lol

@“Osu 16 Bit”#p79914 my Dad has that avengers arcade cabinet. The laughing sound effect always gets me.

@“Personasama”#p79922 guessing he's using one of these:

[upl-image-preview url=]

I think you can map a bunch of elgato or OBS functions, or create your own custom scripts

Here he is with it in action on
[upl-image-preview url=]
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Anywho here's another.
Star Wars Episode 1 Racer - "It's a new lap record!"
I always say this too often when playing any racing thing. I just love how the guy sounds like he was recording it in his closet while trying to not wake his parents.