spanish games thread

hey all! this is a thread for sharing spanish-language games (iberian or american). specifically, games made by people who are native spanish speakers or have a spanish-forward presentation. whatever theme, whatever format, so long as it is spanish!

my interest in this is that i've been learning spanish for a couple years and will be living in spain very soon, so i'm specifically curious about games that won't feel like i'm playing something with the "spanish option" if that makes sense. ideally i would want more text (a spanish rpg would be awesome) but anything is cool!

there are people here who know much more than I about Spanish-language games but this is one of the classics I believe (and its free)

this game was just released

this one is hopefully coming soon. really looking forward to it

Ace Team are from Chile

iirc _The Last Door_ series is pretty well-regarded

Both Lince Works and Super PowerUp Games are Barcelona-based developers. Their releases are more inspired by Japanese games. The former with their Aragami series which is basically Tenchu. The latter makes Sega-like arcade racers in the style of Daytona and Sega Rally. Unfortunately, Lince Works announced their closure as of recent.

On the flip side you have Sega who just released another Samba de Amigo game!


games made by people who are native spanish speakers

  • - Maldita Castilla
  • - Hydorah
  • - Blasphemous
  • - Blasphemous II
  • - Metroid Dread
  • - Disney Speedstorm*
  • - Gods Will Be Watching
  • - The Red Strings Club
  • - The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood
  • - Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo
  • - Aragami
  • *Gameloft Barcelona employs a lot of expats so its staff is much more international than the other games on this list.

    I believe all these games have a Spanish language option.

    More Spanish games:

    The Game Kitchen made both the first and second Blasphemous games.

    From Deconstructeam you also have The Red Strings Club.

    Also, a legendary team from our country is Pyro Studios, and they made the Commandos games.

    Aaaaand, talking about mythical studios, Rebel Act Studios published Blade: the Edge of Darkness, a role game that Mercury Steam (another Spanish company) remade recently.

    Then you also have Moonlighter, and Minabo. Grotto, too, by Brainwash Gang.

    Haven't checked for Yuppie Psycho or any game made by Chibig yet.

    I'll search for more but these are what I've got and check the options so far.

    so what i'm learning is that many games i know well (though have not played) are actually created by spanish studios. guess i gotta bump them up on my list

    @"xhekros"#p131256 yuppie psycho is pretty dang good btw

    these “videojuegos” are “divertidos” to “jugar” en “Español”

    los recomendo a cualquiera que quiere mejorar sus cononcimientos del idioma

    A couple of neat latin-american horror ones are

    And also this one, which is EU Spanish but very cool as well