@“穴”#p148908 for anyone who was like me disappointed that the audio cut out at the end credits on yt


@“antillese”#p148962 I love this so much.

@“connierad”#p149179 Me too. It’s such great satire and also clearly love of the medium and some great art jokes.

so i‘ve just started speedrunning Conquests of the Longbow, courtesy of youtuber OneShortEye with his recent vid on the game, and his other speedrunning-focused videos. i’ve been wanting to speedrun a game for a long while now, but numerous things stopped me from ever trying, and now i‘m working my way up the leaderboards. i’m currently in 6th (4th place run pending verification). have a look if you‘re interested, it’s been a fun week working on it :slight_smile:

edit: i highly recommend the game if you haven't played it, or at least [the vid about it by OneShortEye](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MYawahBTJaI)

I always thought it would be fun to call myself the fastest at a particular game, so I uh just went and did so yesterday. Took me about two hours. I chose Cosmic Smash because it was both attainable and short. But also because it owns.


Also I'm retired from speedrunning now.

Just got the FOAMSTARS single player WR. Thanks all who hung out in the IC Gaiden chatroom as we made history.

Update: Speedrun.com has accepted it! https://www.speedrun.com/FOAMSTARS