Spooky Season MEDIA 2023

What video game/movie/book/music are you enjoying this (or every) Spooky Season?

We watch Over the Garden Wall every Halloween; I find myself listening to more of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, and I try to run through at least one Resident Evil game.

Any Recommendations? Any traditions? They don't necessarily have to be "spooky". If it's something that you find yourself diving back into this time of year, feel free to mention it here. For example, if you watch 1992's *Far and Away* starring Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise every October, that totally counts.

Over the Garden Wall is an annual tradition for me, too. And I always mean to play a Castlevania or something, but I‘m usually neck deep in some other game. We watch a bunch of scary-ish movies at our house during the season, just casual-throw-it-on style. We watched Army of Darkness the other day and, man, that’s like the rpg spinoff of movies, you know what I mean?

That reminds me, I have the GBA Castlevania collection staring me down right now. I think I bought it a year ago and never really dove in. Maybe I'll give that a spin this year

I don‘t really have any traditions but Falcom usually releases games around Tokyo Game Show, so I find myself playing Ys or Kiseki games around this time of year…. and this year is no different since I’ve started playing The Legend of Nayuta: Boundless Trails! It is more of a summery themed game, but it still feels right to play it during this time of year.

My “traditional” spooky season movie is Ernest Scared Stupid.

@“Moon”#p136013 Miak

Whenever I can, I play through all of Luigi‘s Mansion on Halloween. It’s the length of a movie if you know it front to back, great way to spend a chilly evening.

A drive-by suggestion from me.


@“tomjonjon”#p136014 Authentic, Bulgarian.

@“HyggeState”#p136071 Seconded!! I’ve played this on/near Halloween every year since it came out. Its battle system really sucks, but as games specifically about Halloween go, it is unmatched imo

Hocus Pocus is good fun every year

I usually find myself reading HP Lovecraft around this time of year, although I usually don't think to do so until November. A few years ago I read a story of his aloud to my wife on Halloween. I kind of thought she might be getting bored because she was so quiet, but when I looked up she was frozen in fear and a tear was rolling down her cheek. It was good fun; we should do that again this year.

I don‘t have any particular yearly watches for October, though my dad’s birthday is on Halloween and it‘s his favorite holiday, so it’s always been a big deal for my family and I have a lot of favorite spooky movies. My girlfriend and I are doing a movie night every Tuesday through to Halloween this month and she had me pick all five.

Last week we watched **Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust**, mostly because we're big fans of that Castlevania show on Netflix and I've been telling her for a while that the guys who made it were definitely heavily influenced by D. Aside from some, uh, _flourishes_ in the dialogue, I think Castlevania is a really well written show. I'm not done with the new season but I always appreciated how much of the story in the first four feels naturally driven by the characters rather than like it's trying to hit certain beats. But it's never looked half as good as Bloodlust.

She fell asleep.

Just now we watched **The Changeling**, with George C. Scott. I love this movie. It's good to watch with people who spook easily, it's got just the right amount of spooky but for the most part it's a murder mystery, with a lot of scrolling through microfilm and inspecting old documents and shit. We had company over and I noted that everyone was dead quiet from the opening scene, which is rare for this group, though I imagine that scene hits hard for parents (which they are)

She took off her glasses about twenty minutes in to protect her eyes from potential scares.

The next movies are:

  • - Hideo Nakata's **Dark Water**
  • - **The Evil Dead** (which I may switch out for Ti West's **The Innkeepers**)
  • - **Trick'R'Treat** (which we're watching on Halloween)
  • @“GigaSlime”#p136112 I loved the first 2 seasons of Castlevania! I think show does best when it‘s sincere. Dracula’s existential crisis and his relationship with Alucard was super fascinating.While I did enjoy the remaining seasons I did feel that writing took a bit of a dip - mostly because a lot of the characters shared the same sarcastic humour.

    Castlevania: Nocturne has a similar issue with the writing (Richter Belmont says fuck a lot) but again it's great when it's super sincere. It stumbles a bit out of the gate with the first 2 episodes but improves after that. I personally think Annette is a stand out character on that series.

    I exclusively play horror games on halloween season. >!~(Mainly because I find them really slow and dont really feel like picking one up otherwise… )!<Last year was Silent Hill 1 and this year I think i‘ll try 1995’s Clock Tower for the Super Famicom.

    given that i now have a capable computer to emulate it, maybe this is the year i finally play silent hill 2

    I watched Jason X with some friends last night and it was a lot of fun. Very campy early 2000’s, video gamey schlock!

    Jason 400 years in the future, goes bonkers on a space station.

    Then we all got a tour of our friend’s animal crossing island.

    @“rootfifthoctave”#p136143 consider the fan-hanced edition

    @“captain”#p136151 mac household i'm afraid!

    I‘m thinking about playing the first two Clock Tower games closer to Halloween. They seem appropriately gruesome yet schlocky enough that someone with my low horror tolerance should easily be able to handle. I’m considering replaying Koudelka too, though less because of the season and more because that game rocks and it'd be nice to visit it again, lol