Starfield and Friends

@“yeso”#p131250 Until you can sculpt beautiful hands, character creators will never be able to do George justice.

I was watching John Lindemann's coverage of Starfield, and I got excited to see a fully rendered falafel pita on checkered diner paper on a table.

when I play this I will be wearing a blazer over a graphic t + jeans that have clearly never been worn before and low top sneakers. Optimizing my loadout irl

this game seems to have the same problem Mass Effect had 15 years ago: no attempt to suggest scale beyond the environment, so you wind up with a Galactic Capital City the size of old orchard mall in Skokie, Illinois

@“yeso”#p131354 i like to think at the game awards they got a whole costume department backstage just pulling out jeans and dressing the presenters. Instructing them to place their thumbs in the pockets when standing still.

“Terrormorphs” attacked the Capital City (a total of 3 of them) and after a desperate struggle, I and about 8 soldiers defeated them (about as many chicago police officers would respond to a loud argument in a walgreens parking lot).

A scientist lady is convinced the attacks will spread through the galaxy, so we bring these concerns to the Galactic Council, who convene in a moderately sized conference room.

They tell me we need classified archival data from the Freestar Collective (one of three major Galactic Confederations). So we head to the embassy, which is the size of chase bank branch.

There is some initially wariness because the Freestar Collective had recently fought on the opposing side of a Galactic Civil War. The ambassador says there's no way we're getting the data, but I enter the Persuade system and get it on a single try. So she walks me around the corner and down some stairs to the basement where there's an "Armistice" machine, which is basically an ATM. She puts a card in the Armistice machine and bingo. Quest Complete


@“Fuck Trevor”#p131291 npcs still walk faster than you can walk, but slower than you can run, so you end up with this weird herky jerky pacing every time you're following someone, which seems to be half of this game.

you'd have think they figured this out by now after 10+ years of skyrim mods.

yes, “you would think they’d have figured this out by now” is the accurate back of the box quote for this game lol


@“Neko”#p131598 npcs still walk faster than you can walk, but slower than you can run

have there been any games that got this right? i've noticed it in a ton of games i've played recently and it always feels bizarre.


@“Coffinwarehouses”#p131624 have there been any games that got this right?

_Shenmue_ let you hold a button to match speed and auto walk alongside someone, while allowing you to free look from first person-perspective so you could just chill and take in the atmosphere

I think RDR 2 and maybe 1 as well let you do something similar iirc

Of all games, Cyberpunk got this right by just temporarily matching your walk speed to the NPC escorting you. And yeah, shout out to Shenmue, a game where I felt like picking up a set of batteries from a drawer held more weight than deciding who will live or die in a Bethesda game.

@“yeso”#p131493 This game‘s writing is SO STUPID and I know that’s part of the charm, but I can't help but feel like every quest is reminiscent of Knights of the Old Republic for Idiots!

I think Shenmue is successful where bethesda games post-Morrowind fail because

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    the visuals are detailed enough to be atmospheric, but are “primitive” (for lack of a better term) enough to be suggestive and abstract. There's no disappointment in realizing that if you put together all the physical buildings of galactic civilization they would amount to infrastructure of Kenosha, Wisconsin

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    the playable environments are situated in a larger suburban/urban setting that implies there's a whole world extending out from it, beyond what you can access (thinking of that view from the bus stop you take to get to the docks, off to the left down the street where the road curves and is lost between rows of office buildings)

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    the game depicts the flow of time whether it's the doldrums of waiting around for work to start or having to hurry to be somewhere. Starfield doesn't even make you wait for shops to open or whatever like earlier bethesda games would. You can walk into the dumb real estate office at 3 am

  • The combination of making everything in the world contingent on player-initiation and the retreat from any kind of real traversal other than walking around space shopping malls is draining. They really just made bethesda-flavored mass effect didnt they

    @“yeso”#p131711 Yes, one of the hand-holding early missions has you breaking into a gun shop. My dumb ass slept in bed until 3 am thinking the town would be deserted and the gun shop would be closed for the night. Nope! The solution was just to crouch in full, glorious artificial LED light and wait til the NPC sat down at their desk. Okay.

    I don't know why walking around feels so terrible in this game, though I will at least give them some points for trying not to make the viewport a mass of floating objective icons... I'm not sure making almost everything a menu choice was a concious decision when they did the planning document. It feels like there are 3 different games in here and none of them are particularly a step beyond what Skyrim did.

    Flew around to 3 different planets. shot some alien dinosaurs, ran out of bullets so just karate chopped everyone I saw, ate a sandwich. i think i got the full experience, uninstalled.

    I had jotted a few thoughts down, independent from anyone’s influence. After reading a few of your thoughts here, there is certainly some overlap in how we are feeling about the game.

    I know the phrase, “…it looks like a PS3 game.” gets regurgitated by bad-faith jabberers online.

    In this case it does feel as such. Not in functionality, or in graphic fidelity, but in design.

    I don’t anticipate Starfield will occupy so much of our conversation as compared to other games when we are recalling our favorite titles from this year come December.

    @“HyggeState”#p131773 Bethesda games may be a ps3/360 platonic ideal design wise. Obviously brown cover-based shooters get a lot of the attention, but Oblivion/Skyrim/Fallout 3 and their progeny were also pretty dominant in those days and felt like Big Deals.

    @“deepspacefine”#p131778 I’d agree, yes. Nothing inherently wrong with any of this, but what I am seeking in a game, I am not finding in Starfield. I am disappointed to see Bethesda not have wandered beyond their own backyard.

    A modest 6/10 from me, thus far.

    how i feel about Bethesda games :