Steam Game Festival - 16-22nd June

There's loads of neat indie games with time limited demos out to try until Monday.
Let's use this thread to post about the cool ones we've enjoyed!

I've only played two so far:

[Windjammers 2](, dotemu's sequel to the Data East classic plays similarly to its predecessor, but with a new jump move, a slapshot move, and a super meter.

My first impression is that these new abilities are kind of diluting the great simplicity of the original, but maybe I'll see them as improvements once I get used to them.

If I was a lazy games writer I would describe [Ghostrunner]( as Mirror's Edge meets Hotline Miami. And whilst that is a trite way of putting it, it's exactly how I felt playing it. Luckily these are both games I really enjoyed so this has gone straight onto my wishlist.

There's a couple more games I'm going to try out over the next few days, there's one about a cute platforming cat with a magic camera called [ShutterNyang](, and a very bizarre "Anti-adventure game" called [Critters For Sale](

What gems have you found in the festival?

I uhhh don‘t play games on The Computer but that’s interesting to hear about windjammers 2 - I never actually played the thing so I didn‘t know about the jump or slap shot - at first blush it sounds like it’d dilute the formula, based on my experience making gunsport and completely diluting it by accident by adding special weapons and a super meter ha ha.

It's better now, but it messed things up for a long while.


tbh I don‘t think Windjammers needs a sequel at all. I don’t really know what would be worth adding to it.

Try the demo and see for yourself

I don‘t usually bother playing with demos, but here’s a few that looked interesting (emphasis on Looked as I haven't played any of them)

Fight Crab - Probably one for the Simple Series post as well:

Soldat 2 - I have fond memories playing the original ([which is also on Steam now for FREE!](

Garden Story looks cute

Grounded - Looks like "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids: The Game"



The Survivalists

PHOGS! - Giving me big Noby Noby Boy vibes


Say No! More - Love this particular style of 3D...Mega Man Legends style

Have to say, Windjammers 2 looks crispy as heck! I am down for those clean sprites and vibrant visuals.

Mmmm ok Y‘all must check out Tenderfoot Tactics if you’re into turn based tactics games at all. Absolutely dazzling art style and incredible game mechanics. I've been following the project for a minute

ah heck, they got a lot of wet sounds in there! it seems like wet sounds are making a comeback, god darn it.

I didn‘t get around to playing all the demos I wanted, there just wasn’t enough time!

I guess that means they successfully recreated part of attending a gaming trade show…