Step in the (MTG)Arena

@“MichaelDMcGrath”#p40375 i am wildly intrigued by your post, but i have to ask a dumb noob question: are you referring to the online version of MTG, or real, physical cards? or both?

i haven't played MTG since... the 1990s, but this new art and theming holds great appeal.

@“MichaelDMcGrath”#p40375 Wow, I clearly have not been keeping up with MtG. I think I mentioned it somewhere earlier in this here thread, but my preferred format was always Type 1 / Vintage – from a deckbuilding / puzzle / mechanics point of view.

Which card was banned, and why? It must have been _bad_ .. usually Vintage just gets hit with Restriction instead - where a deck may only have one copy of the card rather than 4.

Both, although with the pandemic there hasn‘t been much official paper play, although “kitchen counter” magic has been booming at the same time. Magic the Gathering Arena is an arcade perfect digital port if you will of Standard and draft that runs on desktop and mobile, and has its own ever growing eternal format of every card that’s been uploaded to it, mostly the standard sets since 2019 and a few throwback sets added for draft from before then, plus some one off staple cards from Modern and Pioneer. It's infinitely more accessible than their early 2000s client Magic the Gathering Online, although they are still supporting that one as well and will continue to do so for the forseeable future as its still the only place to play the super old formats like Vintage and Legacy.

@“rejj”#p40379 [upl-image-preview url=//]

Lurrus was the Vintage-banned card. As long as you don't play permanents that cost 3 or more you could cast it from your sideboard from the start of the game, and it let you cast a card from your graveyard once per turn. The play pattern of lotus, sac, cast lurrus, cast lotus again from your graveyard, and have 3 extra mana per turn for as long as you can keep it on the board became the Vintage meta overnight. It was quickly banned, then they nerfed the companion mechanic entirely in all formats so that you had to pay 3 in order to pull it from your sideboard to your hand instead of getting the card for free at the start of the game, after which they unbanned it from Vintage.

@“MichaelDMcGrath”#p40380 thanks! checking out the online client, it looks really nice!

@“MichaelDMcGrath”#p40384 wide eyes emoji must wonder exactly how that got through WotC R&D. They're usually ok-enough at catching things. Sometimes something busted gets through, but not _that_ busted. After reading your first sentence and before starting your second I was already thinking "..lotus, replay lotus..". It's the classic Yawgmoth's will play, but every turn and without exiling your lotus. Far out.

The only assumption I can come to is they _knew_ it was this bad, and had already decided to ban it as the solution.. but let it go for a little bit just to not have the total egg-on-face moment of banning a card prior to release.

@“rejj”#p40386 it's a mystery how a card that effectively starts the game in your hand and has an obvious combo with the most famous card in the game made it past QA. There were a metric ton of thought piece articles in its wake wondering why, but the consensus was that they honest to god missed it while chasing the silly goal of adding commanders to non commander formats.

Sam Black was brought on to help design Modern Horizons 2, which was designed after Ikoria was sent to the printers but before it was released and from the tidbits he's shared about the mistakes that almost got put in that set (the funniest being that the squirrel tribal deck they put in largely as a gag would have been the best deck in Modern had he not pointed that out to them before they shipped it) it seems like they were just a bit too heads down during those couple months.

[upl-image-preview url=//]

The official word from Wizards was that they thought that losing a sideboard slot would make the companions not viable, which strains credulity but does line up with Sam's statement above

I am a grumpy stick-in-the-mud that doesn‘t even buy cards anymore so my opinion matters exactly zero-percent, however: I really don’t like the whole “IP Crossover” thing MtG has been doing lately.

I like WH40k, but I don't want it in my MtG. I want MtG to be its own thing, and the thought of a Sanguinius or a Bolter or a Chaos Marine card just feel _wrong_ to me.

Yeah I was pretty darn disappointed in this whole announcement as well.

I've been getting into MTG recently, using a borrowed deck from a friend who doesnt play anymore. It is a white green deck based around cats and artifacts that was pretty strong. I wanted to buy it off him so i could customise it but it was too expensive for me.

So, I ended buying my first commander deck this weekend. It's a D&D blue, black, white deck centred around exploring dungeons. I've been going to a monday night magic thing with friends and they hand out boosters, most of which from the dungeons and dragons collab, so I thought I could expand it with the cards i got from that.

The deck is fun, I like going into the dungeon because of all the ramdom silly effects and with the new initiative/undercity dungeon that a friend uses, it works quite well.

I don't know D+D at all so I barely get the references (I learnt there's something called the Sword Coast, lol). It's funny to pretend the mind flayers are referring to stranger things.

@“beets”#p89656 oh hey that‘s the same commander deck i got!! i almost always play digitally instead of paper these days, but that’s a real fun one.

I‘ve been talking about it more on the bunker but the current set, Dominaria United, is an all time top 5 draft format in my opinion if people want to try it out at an FNM or on Arena, and the word on the street is that the upcoming set, The Brothers’ War, is also going to be at the very least a hoot and a holler lore wise as it revisits the most beloved part of the Magic The Gathering storyline. Also Standard is in a better place than it's been in recent memory, with a lot of viable decks and no clear best deck, even if Black is a pretty clear best color.

At the aforementioned monday night magic the other week, the store who hosts it gave out a blindbox token figure. I received the 3/3 Beast.

Since then I've been really enjoying using it, mostly for marking where I am in a dungeon. But I recently got a commander, [Tasha the Witch Queen](, who I've put in my deck and can make 3/3 Demons.

I really want to get the demon token figure because it is **huge**. So I ended up buying five blind boxes, I was originally going to buy two for $10 but the guy told me if I bought four I got a fifth for free, _how could I resist?_

[upl-image-preview url=]

This is the result: a zombie, a soldier, a saproling, a faerierogue, and a plant.
I'm happy I got the zombie at least becuase I use them in my current deck, and the soldier is cool too, but the others are a bit dissapointing as I dont have a green deck!

At least it looks like that ludicrous Magic 30th set failed, hard.

$999 (plus tax) for four boosters of non-tournament-legal reprints.

I‘ve recently put together a new commander deck, it’s a red/blue deck centred around dice rolls.

The commanders are:

  • - Wyll, Blade of Frontiers, who lets me roll an extra dice each time and gets a +1/+1 for every time I roll
  • - Sword Coast Sailor, which stops Wyll from being blocked by the player with the most life.
  • The majority of the cards involve rolling a d20/d12/d8 etc for various effects. It's kind of silly and possibly quite annoying to play with due to all the dice rolling. But it's the first deck I've put together on my own so I'm looking forward to using it.

    I planned it on scry fall if you want to check it out [here](
    Be warned it's padded out with various red blue cards I had lying around.

    Sitting with the windows open this morning and the beginnings of an autumn breeze making their way through the air, I find myself drawn back to Magic once again. I‘ve had this feeling more than a handful of times, regardless of the weather, but the last time I was really into Arena was around the launch of Midnight Hunt.

    Every time I start to feel the pull to play again, I check out the newest set and it’s always something that does not feel like Magic to me. Opening the homepage this morning, I see Lord of the Rings and Doctor Who sets advertised alongside the new fairytale set, Wilds of Eldraine.

    I‘m not exclusively looking for straight horror like the Innistrad pair from a few years back, but where the goblins at? It seems like the themes of every set whenever I check in are super bright colors and feel more like Hearthstone than what I know of Magic, or it’s another promotional tie-in.

    Should I just shut up and dive in or go back to my old decks or something else entirely? Is anyone keeping up with the latest sets?

    @“dracula”#p131159 Out of curiosity I looked it up, and there are only three goblins in Wilds of Eldraine!

    That being said, you might enjoy WoE all the same. It has some cool cards and themes in it, there's a lot of space to play around.

    @“TheFragranceOfDarkCoffee”#p131174 Oh you‘re right, those look rad and more in line with what I like in Magic’s art. Thank you for taking the time to grab some.

    And dang, only three goblins!? Come on Wizards…

    I'm reinstalling Arena today to start poking around. I think my username is in the thread somewhere but when I get back in I can drop it again if anybody wants to kick it. I know I have a few folks added already from the long long ago.