Stock Video Friendly Competition Shoulder Jostling

Leaning forward and into one another on the edge of the couch, wildly tilting the PS2 controller around in your hands and perhaps playfully batting at the other‘s controller. Do you do this? Have you ever know anyone to have done this? I have personally never experienced this, even with friends of mine who mostly don’t play games.

The only reason I say that is because it strikes me as a "non-gamer" (sorry) thing to do, but only because they'd be emulating behavior they saw on like a pharmaceutical commercial on television. I understand that for the sake of visual interest in a short video clip it gets across "video game + competition" clearly, but who in your real life experience does this? I would stop playing mario kart or whatever with them immediately.

I do it all the time because I'm young, attractive, and have market appeal for the 18-34 demographic.

when i lose in games against my friends i get up and fling my chair into the TV

I have seen children who were raised on the wii do this! I think in part it was marketing, and in part it was that the dumb controller makes you move around.

On the other hand! I have seen people who move their body when they want a car to turn faster, and I've even found myself doing it at times. So... I think there is SOMETHING to it.

I have a friends who tilt the controller or themselves when things get intense in the game, especially in driving games as exodus alluded to. Also, when someone sits up straight and maybe closer to the edge of their seat… that‘s how you know they’re now Serious.

my mom tilted her whole body when jumping over gaps in Sonic 1 (GHZ), still the only game she has ever played

I've always been one to sit on the edge of the couch when I require physical concentration. I also often find myself tilting my head when playing more realistic driving games, mostly in tight consequitive corners or when understeering.

I think I can also attest to being a ''jostling gamer''. I remember playing a lot of mario kart wii at my friends place on their couch which wasn't big enough for 4 teens with 4 teens so we had to do the awkward sitting positions of some leaning forward and the others slouched back. Mario Kart wii has the waggle in mid air to perform tricks which could create a lot of jostling depending on how much sugar was being consumed lol.

my brother and I used to play videogames in the unfinished basement of our family home. There was this bare metal support column in the middle of the basement, and my bro being a serial rage controller-thrower would ichiro throw his controller directly at that column when he‘d lose in nfl 2k. They never show that in commercials, but that’s reality

@yeso#13135 Too hot for TV.

I have to say that warioware “star nose” game for the Wii is the best way to force you to experience this. I love that game.

I've always been a "leaner" when I get super into a game. Some genres more than others, as some have mentioned. But sometimes even when just trying to make a jump in a platformer I will put my body into it. I cant help it when I'm drawn in, but i dont get drawn in to just anything.

Like some have noticed, racing games are the ones most likely to get me too "lean"


@yeso#13135 my bro being a serial rage controller-thrower

I still have a childhood N64 controller that rattles from where my mum hurled it across the room, it whipped past me and hit the wall. I had convinced her to play a Goldeneye deathmatch with me and then hid proximity mines under all the ammo crates. In hindsight I think her anger was justified!

My brother broke a few controllers when we played together…

I've noticed I move a lot playing Rocket League. Trying to “punch” the ball with the controller, leaning for turns etc. I try to not do this when I have people over so as to not lose all my friends, though.