Strange, Abstract, Disorienting Games

Clinically Dead. A wonderful little first-person puzzle game.


Strawberry Cubes is one I’ve revisited several times over the years, thinking maybe I’d eventually figure it out. I like that I still don’t know whether there is something to be figured out.


it’s a thread just for me! i was also really a fan of Extreme Evolution from the hour or two of the demo i played, and have been trying to evangelize it to other people.

here are several for you:

Pig Eat Ball

Cosmic Top Secret

Life Tastes Like Cardboard

Salad Fields (and a bunch of other games by the same developer)

The Norwood Suite (and a bunch of other games by Cosmo D)

Fuzz Dungeon (and a bunch of other games by Jeremy Couillard)

Cruelty Squad


Northern Journey

Mediterranea Inferno


PAGAN: Autogeny

there are others that i can’t remember right now. i did make a list of games more or less in this category over on the other forum if you want to dig through that.

also obligatorily gonna throw in my own game Problem Attic from over a decade ago on there


I got a lot of mysterious bookmarks right here. Feel kind of bad just posting them unexamined, but I set these aside to look into and post about in that other thread. Being realistic though, idk when I’ll have time so sharing instead. Hope to have half a chance to look at and post about some of these in-depth though at some point !!


i have several of these bookmarked/on my Steam wishlist already as curiosities, but i have played Infini and it’s a pretty neat little puzzle game.

here’s one for the true galaxy brained person:

from the solitary Steam review:

The manual, included with the purchase of the game on Steam, clocks in at 123 pages and details this game’s crafting recipes, bizarre keybindings, strange creatures, structures and so on. You will understand less than nothing if you go into this game blind and without reading it. This is something that will take you some time to understand as typical “gameplay basics” are totally eschewed. In other words, there is a huge learning curve as you will have to forget almost everything you know about playing games in order to play this (though the rudimentary MetroidVania platforming and item collecting is somewhat straightforward, nothing else is). There’s an invented logic at play here that is the farthest thing from intuitive.


just want to highlight this game(?) in case someone wants to figure out what’s going on here. I’m a little concerned about catching schizophrenia from it so will likely be keeping my distance


re serotonin pharmaceuticals: omfg ty for this

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Nice to see so many games in this thread that I’m unfamiliar with.

I started with this one, and it’s great. I got two of the minor endings and one of the major ones. Hard to say how much of the game I experienced.


Played Siphonopolis for a few minutes. Seems like it might be a little tedious if it weren’t so hypnotic. The soundtrack really sells the organic alien environment.


Wow this is mystifying. It says I can buy the whole lot of stuff for 250 dollars. Which is a heck of a proposition. They’ve got some footage of the orbs on their youtube channel and they look pretty cool


dissolving 7 jealousy radiation levels seems like a solid run


hold the phone - I think I found some stuff.

Noticed a reference in the clip above to The American Book of the Dead, which rang a bell re weird “human potential” stuff. So this appears to be the person behind The Urth Game

dude has a lot of irons in the fire so to speak

this is the link to the Urth games

and if you follow the links in this section

you find some sort of game development alter-ego (?) named Gorebagg

and then there’s this I guess non-woo woo “conventional” side to his video game output, with titles like Fart Wars


from what I’m able to understand, it looks like you need to buy a Brane Power amulet in order to interface with the UrthGame Prosperity Path

the amulets do look kind of cool tbh


What if ulillillia was the Time Cube guy but also a New Age mystic

seems like this all connected to something called Yoyodyne Industries

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Those amulets do look pretty nice. They remind me of the Jellyfish Swatch.

Is each of those $5.99 games basically the same but with the narrator saying something slightly different about what it’s accomplishing?

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Hm… I dunno, something about this smacks of ill-natured satire

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Poe’s Law needs to be updated for the depravity of the 2020s

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can anyone from this photo tell what software he’s working with?

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I am intensely curious, but not willing to provide my paypal information to find out lol