stranger of paradise or elden ring

i think i already know the answer, but which do you plan to play at launch? these are coming out within a month of each other and i want to play both but i don't have the bandwidth to do that and i want to choose the one that everyone else is playing

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I've preordered Strangers of Paradise after a lot of umming and aahing but heck, I really like that Team Ninja action.

I will almost certainly get Elden Ring fairly quickly too. I've not invested in From Software's Souls-like games but if this looks like a faster game than some of their others then I'm in.

Imma play them both for sure - but I‘ve got Elden Ring pre-ordered, which I’ve never done before.

I ain‘t pre-ordering either of these freaks because I have a baby so I don’t want to spend $X just for three hours of playtime in the first month, but if I were The Me Of A Buncha Months Ago I would've been getting that Ring.

Even though I didn't like the network test. At all. Those games do strange things to a person.

Suikoden has kobolds in overalls so that‘s what I’m going for. When is Fromsoft going to cater to my specific needs? Never.

as of feb. 8 11:25am PST suikoden is beating stranger of paradise. my hard work on this forum is beginning to pay off

Under normal circumstances I would wait to get either one (not a buy-at-launch kinda guy usually) but the Elden Ring Death Pushup Forum Olympics are poised to push me over the edge on that one

voted for the stranger game bc I got it confused with paradise killer (support the independents), then switched to suikoden

I rarely jump on anything at launch, but Elden Ring have the whole From Soft online wackiness means it will be interesting to play when the servers are full. Also like, I literally listen to a paywalled podcast about Souls games, it would be nice to play along with the show.

I voted Elden Ring but who am I kidding I’m gonna download it day 1, get distracted by some GBA or 3DS game I meant to play a decade ago, avoid looking at the God Bless the Elden Ring thread that has ballooned to 500+ posts, and finally start it the day before From announces Elden Ring: even more Eldenly edition.

SoP looks really cool, and i will get it eventually, but i'm gonna be there day one for that elden ring

dark souls is pretty stale. I am looking forward to ER and will play it, but maybe as a forum we should get ahead of the curve and start the dark souls backlash, which we all agree is overdue

@“robinhoodie”#p57204 What podcast would that be?

I'm considering getting a Series S for Elden Ring, which is probably the only game I'll buy at a non-discount price in many years. I've always lagged behind the Souls games by a console generation, but this time I'm considering playing at launch for the reason stated above i.e. populated servers & sense of collective discovery. Should be fun!

I’ll probably be distracted by something stupid like starting Ys IX two days before but the current plan is to play Elden Ring at launch.

That weirdass FF game (March 18) is most likely going to join Chocobo GP (March 10) and Babylon’s Fall (March 3) in the Square Enix cannibalistic competition club i.e. Triangle Strategy coming out (March 4) right next to / just before all of them.

Suikoden III was a disappointment which I am not interested to reconsider right now.

@“astra”#p57211 Bonfireside Chat.

I played through most of the series vicariously through Gay and Kole's level by level examinations, so this time I want to be on the crest of the wave.

ayo its on FUCK elden ring and LETS GOOOOO stranger of paradise (i probably will play elden ring, spiritually its on FUCK that game tho. my heart wants SoP but my gut knows ER). thank you for making this thread ive been steamin on this rivalry for a minute.

@“robinhoodie”#p57217 I used to listen to this for BB, DS, and DSII, but haven’t checked up on them in years. I didn’t realize they moved to a paid model—hope it’s working out well for them! As certified DSII-likers (and one of the main reasons I gave that game a chance!), I have to give them some respect.

I love this community's dogged commitment to rooting for the underdog, but man… I gotta admit, I thought that Stranger of Paradise demo was wack.

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AKA the real answer to this thread

Stranger of Paradise gonna rock and roll imo but I’m too new of a Souls person to not wanna be there for one at launch for the first time