Stuff of Valis such as this

Man!! What a set. That reversible American box art is hilarious, and all the pins and posters and such sure do make this tempting… But, I‘d never play the English version as long as I’ve got my Japanese copy, and I don‘t really have any place for all those collectables (not to mention I really shouldn’t pay $90 for a game I‘ve already bought for full price…!!). If anyone here would like to have Stuff of Valis such as this, however, I hope you’ll at least post it in the mail thread when it comes in so I can live vicariously through you.

I just ordered that fancy-pants edition! The only Valis game I own is the Japanese Mega Drive release of Valis III; I'll look forward to exploring more of the series whenever Limited Run actually ships the game.

The always Patreon-worthy Shmuplations recently redesigned its website for better mobile navigation and has released a very cool interview of…

[One of the key developers of **Valis** at Nihon Telenet!](

@“chazumaru”#p56129 Wow!!! Had no idea this guy was responsible for so much. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon has been one of my favorites since I was tiny - fascinating to see he's a common thread between my old and new favorites, including that R-Type. Who knew everything good in the world came from exactly one dude

Valis Collection 2?? They‘re finally bringing in Valis IV (PCE - the SNES one is already on Switch Online for anyone who wasn’t aware) and its absence was my main complaint with the first collection. Cool! They‘re also pairing it with Syd of Valis and the Genesis version of the first game. Which is, uh… I mean, for conservation’s sake that‘s great, but I think it’s a much harder sell as an actual product. The first Valis Collection was a great little bundle that I recommended to a lot of my friends, but I can't imagine this appealing to much of anyone besides those of us who are already pretty invested in the series.

Even for me it's a bit paltry as a product. Give me the msx and snes games at least!

Valis watch? Valis watch…

@“Funbil”#p66920 Valis watch vs. Kingdom Hearts watch

they should change the S to an R to make it:

ICYMI, they‘ve added a MSX Valis stretch goal to the current crowdfunding campaign ~(also Edia’s on the NFT train)


@“gsk”#p68674 Edia’s on the NFT train

uuuuuuuggggghhhhh duuuuuuudeeeeeee I really just don't see what companies are seeing in this stuff. I mean, I know they're seeing dollar signs, but **ugh**

Valis Collection 2's crowdfunding campaign is over: an English version is confirmed, and the Japanese release is scheduled for September.

@“gsk”#p68674 I missed this before today - what a situation! They're barely even a company.

Did they ever walk back on the inclusion of NFTs in the second collection? I can‘t seem to find any information on it which is probably a good sign, but I know usually once someone gets invested in the cult they don’t really care how much negative backlash they get.

The NFTs are separate to the collection, they just decided to announce them around the same time the campaign for the second collection started (and they haven‘t mentioned them since, possibly because the response was extremely and near-universally negative). What’s extra odd is a lot of the scam jpegs weren't even based on Valis or other Telenet properties, they were like, jacked anthro dogmen or whatever.

They did end up axing that Seiko watch backer reward for some reason.

Valis Collection 2 with its questionable lineup of games came and went, now we're on to The Big Boy Bundle of three Valis games being reprinted for Sega Genesis.

Comes in a cute little slipcase and includes a pretty tight acrylic stand. Uh, it's cool! Not $150 cool. The first _Valis Collection_ was a pretty exciting, weird, niche little event that I was glad to champion among my friends. Now I'm kind of embarrassed on the IP's behalf at how blatantly it's getting milked - because I have to wonder, is there really that much milk to wring out?? Is Valis really so lucrative that it can justify all these products? I guess it must be or else they'd stop, but I have no idea where the sales are coming from. I don't get it.

Valis Collection #2 is out internationally: Valis IV (PCE), Syd of Valis (MD) and the MSX & MD versions of OG Valis for the low, low price of $44.99 / €41,90:

Will they attempt a third collection?

Speaking of collections, this is totally the wrong Valis but, seeing this topic pop up again, I’d be remiss if I did not use this opportunity at least once to mention the awesome visual identity of Hayakawa Bunko’s 2014 collection of re-translated Philip K. Dick novels.

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would collect that set of bubble gum stickers

I was just looking at the Telenet Shooting Collection campaign page and I noticed that Edia has been fielding requests for potential future releases, as well as potential backer rewards; the options they floated are:

  • - Earnest Evans series
  • - Tenshi no Uta series
  • - Arcus series
  • - misc. ACT (Psycho Dream, Red Alert, etc)
  • - misc. ADV (Silky Lip, A-Rank Thunder, etc)
  • - misc. RPG (Traysia, Dark Kingdom, etc)
  • - other
  • The first three options seems to be the most requested, with Tenshi no Uta being the most popular, but we're talking ~ 25 respondents right now, so I wouldn't get too hung up on the answers just yet. I do see a lot of "other" requests for computer games/ports that I have zero faith will be reissued outside of EGG or other licensors.