Stuff of Valis such as this

@“gsk”#p105775 Big problem of Tenshi no Uta compared to Earnest Evans is you would not be able to export it easily to the West via a deal with Limited Run Games.

Valis-88 dissected:

@“KennyL”#p105994 at first I was like why is this here? And then I realized they show yuko and uhhh rogles? In it

I never really understood how to play the game itself though

[edit] I mistook this with something else, this one's just bump n jump but simpler!

@“exodus”#p120319 Ha yeah it's a pretty simple game but fun cameo!


Edia just announced they‘re going to be crowdfunding yet another Valis collection; the campaign will go live on Monday. They do make it sound like it’ll be the last one, at least.

My guess: Valis (FC), Valis II (MSX), Valis III (MD), Super Valis (SFC), and all the other micom versions will be left in the dust.


@“gsk”#p125242 My guess: Valis (FC), Valis II (MSX), Valis III (MD), Super Valis (SFC), and all the other micom versions will be left in the dust.

I was close: it's all four of these plus Valis (PC-88): They want ¥5M and they're already 25% there; ETA December.

Well, that was as predictable as it was completely unnecessary, but at least the 資料集 (collected reference materials collection or something like that) teased as a bonus for this campaign is far less of a waste of our planet’s resources than a plastic figurine.

I am surprised we haven’t gotten news about Cosmic Fantasy Vol.2 yet. Maybe they are scratching their head how to make it a trilogy as well.

December 7, 2023 for Mugen Senshi Valis Collection III.

I wonder what they’ll do next with this franchise. Surely they won’t bother with a Shredder’s Revenge-type sequel, right? Unless Necrosoft Games does it for them.

@“◉◉maru”#p130462 They have got to knock it off with these…!!! Three collections???

Their crowdfunding campaign ended yesterday, earning ~ ¥7.4M. They missed their ¥8M stretch goal to include the Valis FC promo anime, but I wouldn‘t have expected that they’d remaster it in any significant way, so go watch the version linked upthread somewhere. (EDIT nvm I glanced at the wrong page, it still has a little over two days to go and is still rising, so it might hit that goal after all.)

Before this campaign even ended, they launched yet another campaign: Cosmic Fantasy Collection 2, containing game #3 and both parts of game #4; they had a base goal of ¥3M, which they passed on day one, and it's currently sitting at ~ $4.2M with over a month to go. They might push for an EN loc stretch goal, but keep in mind that they funded an EN loc for the first collection and it still hasn't shown up outside of Japan, so it's definitely not something they already have ready to go (unlike the core of every collection they've ever crowdfunded).

Valis Collection 3 showed up on the international eShops a couple days ago They say it‘ll be the final one but I mean, it’s absurd that they‘ve already milked this for three collections, so what’s one more?

Incidentally, LRG started taking orders for the first Cosmic Fantasy Collection and some youtuber's been spreading bullshit about it being AI-translated (because they didn't license the existing WD translation for CF2, y'see) so feel free to correct anyone parroting that crap.


@“gsk”#p149265 They say it’ll be the final one but I mean, it’s absurd that they’ve already milked this for three collections, so what’s one more?

At this point, they’d need to either finance a new game or a remake. Unless they want to re-release Valis X…

Considering the commercial success (it seems?) of Cosmic Fantasy, I suspect they will rather move over to Arcus. They surely can milk that series in two volumes.

@“◉◉maru”#p149280 There are still two micom versions of the first game, plus a galakei remake, and three micom versions of the second game that could be scraped together, and I honestly think they‘d do it if they could (EGG’s can‘t/isn’t ready to emulate most of the required hardware on consoles, basically).

IIRC, this is the only one of these collections to launch digitally before going on sale through LRG... maybe they're not touching this one, iunno.

Violet Wisteria is now out on all major consoles.


Return to the style of Japanese fantasy platformers from the ’80s and ’90s as you take command of brave heroine Wisteria Asagiri on her quest to save Earth, the Higher Realm and the Under-Realms from the dark wizard Maskandes! Violet Wisteria is a side-scrolling action platformer with a unique tri-color attack system. Requiring quick judgment and precision, this system allows Wisteria to execute sword slashes and thrusts based on an enemy’s color, where only the correct attack will strike true.

I like "Japanese fantasy platformer" as a tentative description. I think I would go for "Fantasy Heroine Platformer" or "Fantasy Heroine Action". (Not reviving the [Valis-like]( thread for this.)

I had never noticed the game is instead called [Violet Fujiko]( in Japan! Is this new?