Stuff other posters' names remind you of

Don't post any images of vultures eating carrion in this thread I do not do that

@"DavidNoo"#503 obviously it's spelled differently but could just be regional variation...any relation here
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@"yeso"#385 32 seconds in this song

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@“exodus”#p48468 man I was gonna post this. I used to be friends with the son of one of the various lead singers of this band for years.

Please do NOT post about yourself in this thread! w

I think the Tapevultures are an imaginary single A team. or more plausibly an independent league team

steve albini uses his poker winnings to found a minor league team, I can see it now


I always misread the name as “Sabertoothlatex” but I am in a public space so probably not the best idea to google that right now.

@“yeso”#p48477 steve DID appear on a baseball podcast i used to listen to

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@“GigaSlime”#p48504 You've made me so happy with this. This video demonstrates the origin and correct way to pronounce my name.

@“whatsarobot”#p48503 that's the default answer for anyone who is 5 years old or has been around a 5 year old (lol)

@“穴”#p48508 In my defense, I am the father of a recent ex-5 year old (she is now 6).

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@“tapevulture”#p48466 Oh that's a good alternate spelling. I do look that jolly sometimes so there could be some relation.

@NoJoTo I keep thinking of JoJo[upl-image-preview url=//]

dearly departed fridgeboy……

i have been alerted that fridgeboy is back