Super Mario Bros. Movie: The Morton Jankel Cut Watchalong

As discussed in Episode 188 of The Insert Credit Show, we'll be hosting a watchalong of the newly restored Super Mario Bros. Movie here in the Insert Credit forums. What that means is we all start the movie (which can be found for free here) at an agreed upon time and date, and comment live in this thread as we all watch the movie together.

What time? What date? Well, let's work that out right now. When's good for everybody?

EDIT: Due to complications of streaming availability, this event has been postponed.

@Jaffe#32956 evenings after about 8pm eastern is best for me. Post sleeping children.

Right now, I'm thinking Friday night EST, June 18th, or Sunday night EST, June 20th.

I am 41 years old. I have never seen this move. I totally want to watch this movie with all of my Forum Friends.

Big fan of doing it after children are sleeping

@antillese#32959 Me too! Well. I'm not 41 years old.

@Jaffe#32958 these dates work for me! i’m down to clown any time after 18:30 PST. persie will be watching too!!

i have to imagine my experience with this movie is rare: i have never seen the mario movie and wasn’t even aware of it for a long time, but am a BIG max headroom fan and had no idea this was made by the same people until this episode of insert credit.

Oh man, I love this movie so much—I’m willing to chalk a lot of that up to nostalgia, but not all of it! Just downloaded the files from today.

Friday 6/18 would be better for me, but I defer to the majority

HEY! I haven't listened to the episode yet, John of Digital Foundry? Awesome!

I just watched the producer's cut with my homie a couple nights ago. I've also watched [a couple videos about the restoration.](

I saw the original for the first time when I was only about 5 or 6 years old, in 1997. I recall having played Super Mario 64 at that point. It set my imagination on fire. As a kid I particularly loved the Bob-omb scenes, the goombas dancing in the elevator, the portal to the other dimension's resemblance to portals in SM64, Big Bertha awoke something inside me as well, and the egg-hatching scene was the first time I saw a vagina! I was like woah, why's it like that??

I really appreciate this extended cut. Anyways I've always advocated for this film, before it was cool!
I'll be here for the discussion!

I would be up for this depending on when it is (I‘m in the UK) but don’t make any major accommodations for me - if I can make it at an otherwise convenient time for everyone else (especially those with kids) then I'll come along.

I’ve tentatively placed the time for 6/18 at 9:30 PM EST. If there are any reasonable objections by those planning to attend, this may be moved.

Oh hell yes………… I‘m pretty good with anything later-but-not-too-late on Friday or Sunday, with a marginal preference for Friday. I don’t have a convenient means of piping my TV audio into headphones and my roommates^1^ tend to go to sleep around midnight, but they‘ll quite likely not be home^2^ on any given Friday anyway, so while I could be starting to a movie around 9pm on any given Friday or Sunday, it probably shouldn’t be much later if it's on Sunday.

1: okay, fine, it's my parents
2: they tend to go out to camp for the weekend but it is somewhat weather dependent, they are retired so they'll stay until Monday if the weather is nice, so it might be fine^3^ either way.
3: I have Bluetooth earbuds if needed but I think we can all agree this requires an optimized viewing presentation

In other words I am good with the general plan here

Of all the inserted scenes, my main question is was that elevator shot really cut originally? It's the image on the poster and VHS tape!

the time is very reasonable but……my family is in town щ(゚Д゚щ)

@tapevulture#32977 it‘s a family film, I’m sure they'll enjoy it. :>

... (even with the timecodes on every additional scene)

I am so sad to miss this due to prior plans (my relationship with this movie went from devastated as a child to highly appreciative as an adult), but I just wanted to say that I have so much respect for the restoration effort, I love the whole idea of this watchalong, & I hope we get some good excuses to do more of them down the line.

Anyone who misses the watchalong should feel free to watch it on their own, and post their thoughts here.

@CidNight#32960 FYI - being 41 isn‘t as bad as some people make it out to be. Especially if you are able to watch Super Mario Bros without people commenting on your gray hair because they can’t see you over the forum posts.

@antillese#33058 for sure! I’m not that far off of 41. I was just saying that was the only part of your statement that wasn’t exactly true for me.

HMMMMmmmm this is the one thing where live comments would be good. I‘m not sure if discord or twitch makes sense here? I could host it potentially but I haven’t streamed for like uhhhhhhhhhhh 3 years maybe. ha ha. Maybe I will look into it.

Timezone maths is always awful, so I did one of these just so I could tell what the deal is from this other side of the planet

(and hey, it turns out that is 11:30am Saturday morning for me, that isn't as bad as I feared)