Super Potato on eBay!

I hadn't seen other posts about this, but I thought that some folks here on IC might appreciate that Super Potato has opened an eBay shop that ships internationally (and are tweeting about it in English).

I was going to make the joke that now folks who can't get to Japan can own their very own disgustingly yellowed Super Famicom console but I'm honestly happier about this than I thought I would be-- for as much as there are much better and more reliable shops in Japan to find obscurities, Super Potato is an institution, and I'm glad that they are directly making money off of sad foreigners like myself instead of having foreign eBay shops ransack them and then massively inflate their already fairly high prices! Also, this must be an attempt to recoup the money they've lost during this last year's tourism slump. I wish them luck!

Anyway, while I think it's worth visiting their Akihabara flagship shop, at least once, if only to see their rare and expensive in-box Atari 2800 console, it's good to see that folks can buy from them online now!

@Syzygy#27269 lol, sorry, I was trying to be fancy and add the tweet but forgot the link.

In terms of prices, the actual shop is about the same: prices are inflated in person, I think mostly because it’s the game store all the foreigners have heard of.

Makes a lot of sense to me that they‘d get on ebay and tweet in english - that’s who their store is for after all heh heh.

Can I buy that old Big Boss statue with the broken gun

Oddly enough last time I was in japan the only thing I bought from SuperPotatos was magic the gathering cards (cause I was real into commander at the time) and a few shops had singles at ridiculously low prices.

That said I saw an article posting about this and their headline was clipped so I just saw "World Renowned SuperPotato has..." and thought it was going to be a closing notice.

The one time I went there I bought a Mother gashapon toy from the machine in the hallway, browsed the place wide-eyed, grabbed some pamphlets for some cool looking retro-themed merch, and left. It was cool.

Their Famicom Disk Kiosk is pretty cool too! Hopefully it's still there.

I've been a few times, but the only things I ever bought were a few issues of Gamest I couldn't find elsewhere. I was fortunate to have some kind Japan-based buddies show me some seedier but much cheaper options!

Agreed that the prices are ridiculous but whatever, I'm sure they got hit in the last year like everyone else and are trying to plug the holes.

One day I'll go in person...

I make fun of super potato but I've bought loads of stuff there. they just have a lot of product in the store! And for a while their prices were actually a little better than others on big ticket items, I suspect because they were trying to dominate that space.

To conclude: I will continue to make fun of super potato and will also continue to shop there.

I just hope BEEP in Akihabara can escape all that‘s befallen Super Potato and other well-known game resellers in that region. Maybe that’s me being selfish because I plan on buying some nice Japanese PC-related things there once I'm in Akiba, but supply for those games on those platforms is comically scarce vs. anything for (Super) Famicom and the like, meaning a scalper takeover would basically be the end for an accessible J-PC store off the beaten path.

I mean BEEP‘s prices are really high, I don’t think scalping is really going to be a problem there. I've almost never seen something for less on the internet vs the price at BEEP (junk boards aside). Someone buying things en masse at BEEP to resell online would be in for a rude awakening.

How are Hard Off stores? Videos and pictures I see online make me want to go live there ha.


@exodus#27276 who their store is for after all heh heh.

I think that actually is who the Akihabara location is for and I don't think that is a bad thing.
There are lots of tourists who want specific games and can save time by buying them at a premium from Super Potato. If someone is in Japan for a week it's probably worth the premium to not have to hunt around.

Prices are bad, selection is good, makes sense if you are selling to foreign tourists on vacation.


Can't speak to Hard Off specifically, but Book Off is wonderful!

I used to go to Book Off stores all the time, and bought all sorts of things from them.
Books, magazines, video-games, electronics, ect, ect.

Used shops in Japan sell all sorts of things, in good condition, at terrific prices, and kind of give you a 'yard-sale' vibe;
it's fun to hunt for weird and exciting deals.

$93 for Gradius on PC Engine? Takin my ass back to Sendico

Semi-related, I braved a post-vaccine pop in to Game Dude in L.A. cause I was in the area last weekend, & it was extremely sad.

Hard Off rules (as does Book Off), but like any recycle shop or thrift store you‘re kinda at the mercy of whatever is in there and whatever the person there wants to buy. I generally find it’s best to hit up 4 or 5 in a trip (trip=you‘ve gone outside), because at least 3 of those stores will be duds for whatever you’re looking for.

@tokucowboy what's up with game dude? just totally empty, or what? the game stores over here are doing pretty well, they're getting semi-regular injections of new product and a steady supply of customers.

@exodus#27352 Yeah, wiped out – they had what looked like about half the stock they had last time I went (very early 2020?), at least in the glass cases & on display. So I‘m not sure if it’s good for Game Dude or not. People seem to be buying it up, there were lots of customers, but then again, not much stock – I hope it's good for them.

I know it's not news that retro gaming has blown up, but seeing the contrast from our last visit to this one felt really sad for me & the person I went with. Last time, she & I went in with a list (No More Heroes for Wii, Mach Rider for Famicom, & some SNES RCA cables) & we walked out with more than our list. I'm pretty hard on the city, but I remember thinking it was pretty cool that I can drive to a store & walk out with a $59 Dreamcast any time. That kind of accessibility felt good, but it's not there anymore. Just a big physical contrast between how it was & how it is that made us feel pretty weird.

I went to Japan and unbeknownst to me ended up staying only a couple minutes walk from the Ikebukuro Super Potato which was a nice surprise. I forget who it was that said it but I heard someone say that “Super Potato isn‘t a store, it’s a museum that you can buy stuff from” , and I couldn't agree more.

That said I ended up buying more stuff from Hard Off and Book Off on that trip...

@GigaSlime#27297 have a photo of myself kneeling in front of him about to be executed

@tokucowboy#27386 hmm, yeah, that does not sound great, and I guess it‘s extra noticeable in a store of that size. Once the stock gets low in there it’s got to be tough to get it back to looking full again, you‘d need to be grabbing some major lots from folks to keep up. In that way it’s probably easier for a smaller store to at least look enticing.