Playstations, Wiis, Xboxes and more - what's your pleasure?

Horizontal! I don't want stuff falling over, and horizontal is more discreet as a rule of thumb, I find.

The console should be horizontal but the screen should be vertical

vertical but the z axis it should be tilted upwards from my lap or tilted downwards above my head

…but for home consoles I‘d say vertical. I had my PS2 vertical and my Nintendo Switch dock vertical (I have a friend who keeps it horizontal, but always makes me think I’m going to break something). PS5 I would love to keep it vertical but it's a hostile design for a midcentury modern apartment so I keep it horizontal in a cabinet.

whatever makes them fit into my kallax or whatever makes them less noticable.


Whoah, didn't realize I was in the minority on this one. Vertical, baby! I want that processing power to tower over me.

But seriously, the only proper design format for a console (or anything, really) is cube.

I want vertical and I want spinning logos!

The Wii and Wii U are vertical.

The PS4 and PS5 are horizontal.

Basically, I like shorter systems to be vertical and taller systems to be horizontal? Sort of the bookshelf dilemma: if a coffee table book is too big to put vertically on a shelf, it goes horizontally.

Once I heard that vertically-oriented PS2s ran out their drives faster, and 360s were more likely to red ring if they were vertically oriented, I was horizontal all the way. Now whether those things are true is up for debate - it‘s quite likely that was anecdotal and passed around without evidence. But it’s hard to get that stuff out of your head once you hear it, “just in case.”

i haven‘t voted because i don’t have a console now, but when our family owned a 360, we would switch between horizontal and vertical depending on where in the house we could put it. it changed month by month. i always liked the vertical orientation aesthetically but now i think i'd prefer a console horizontal if i had the space for it

I wish I was brave enough to put them vertical.

Like @"exodus"#p140941 above, I fell victim to early PS2 adopter FUD and this kinda spooky rumor has kept repeating almost every generation (360, PS3, PS5 etc.) when people didn’t really know what caused early model failure (hint: usually the actual cause was "you’re early adopters, stupid"). Only exception is Wii which I only laid horizontally because it was so tiny I could slide it under the TV back then.

I did have a vertically aligned PS1 next to my Atari monitor back when I was [hiding my PS1 from my parents](, both for camouflage reasons and because there was a different schoolyard rumor that the pretty common PS1 disc reader unit exhaustion could be averted with consoles standing vertically.

I have my Wii U, PS4 and Xbone all vertical. It's the best way to maximize space within an Expedit/Kallax cubby.

I had my PS3 and PS2 slims set up the same way, but my PS3 is disconnected and PS2 is going on a new shelf with sort of a theme.


Disclaimer: typed on my phone at work

I treat it as it was meant to be treated as shown in company ad copy. The only console I even own that has options for orientation is PS2. Since I pull out individual consoles one at a time when it’s time to use them, the PS2’s orientation can vary but since I purchased an oem vertical stand a couple years ago, I mainly only ever use it vertically because that’s sick nasty for real. But I never did that as a kid so for nostalgia sake I will still load it horizontal VCR style sometimes. If I had an Xbox 360 I would put it vertical because that’s how my friends and everyone did when 360 came out because it looks cooler.

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How about the adjacent discussion I think of every day but never made a thread for: WHERE do you put it? I S2G every Instagram or x post where they have the console on top of the crt with the cable dangling down is frustrating, yet it’s become the most common seemingly when someone is showing off the monitor they paid $2000 for! Only the sloppiest kids did that back in the day! It goes on the FLOOR or under the tv or beside it on a desk if you have a Japanese setup. That’s the aesthetic, that’s the vibe. It looks so bad on top yet everyone does it for some reason!

If you can find a company’s photo of their machine on top of a tv then I’ll be proven wrong in this regard, but I’ve yet to see it!

I feel like a jerk doing it (and wasting my time) but when I see a crt post on x with the system on top I @ them with a “put the console on the floor” lol

But I don’t think I would ever put something vertical if it wasn’t meant to be, unless it was a specific pragmatic use / project. Like if I wanted to go crazy with the cyber aesthetic

vertical cuz i can tuck my ps3/ps5 behind my tv and they're out of sight

@“exodus”#p140941 as long as the drive is held at a 90 degree angle it’s all good whether it’s vertical or horizontal. This is true for HDDs and I’m assuming the same is true for optical drives. Also I heard if you put a gram of weed in a zip loc in the hdd bay then it will make your drives last longer.

@“treefroggy”#p140967 I hope to someday find a stale bag of weed in an old PS2.

Oh I forgot wii! Yeah I could go either way on that, but I also have the oem vertical stand so that’s how we do it nowadays.

Horizontal Wii reminds me when I had a super stickered up wii missing the front faceplate when I lived in a punk art collective warehouse when I was 16 and learned how to hack Wii’s for the first time and would play r-type the third lightning with my roommates on wii emulators

@tomjonjon i don’t! Lol I have some year old weed I got for free and never smoked you can just have to put in your ps2 if you want… in minecraft

I prefer vertical but only have wii and switch vertical right now.

Switch horizontal would be crazy. Mine falls over all the time and then the glass screen protector shatters so I have it propped up