@“KennyL”#p140975 do you think people started docking their Switches horizontally because of Sakurai?

@“◉◉maru”#p140945 wow this reminds me when I also had my ps1 vertically aligned inside a tv armoire/ cabinet beside a 13” tube while I was living in my aunts house under supreme restrictions (no personal possessions allowed aside for school stuff) while going through a custody battle.

I played through FFVII to the ending for the first time and no one knew!! So weird looking back. Year was 2007/8

vertical consoles look like they’re uncomfortable

@“connrrr”#p140979 This information had me shook

for me all the ugly black boxes go along with the other ugly black boxes creating a visual dark hole when the room is not fully lit


I keep all my stuff on a custom rack in horizontal mode.

I built a modular AV rack about 20 years ago, back then home theatre hobbyist's called them a "flexy" a stack of mdf shelves with 4 threaded posts at each corner and nuts to hold each shelf up. The flexible nature allows for each shelf's height to be customizable . Every piece of gear I've put on this rack has fit, in the horizontal position.

However the launch PS5 just barely fit. it almost looks like the cream in an oreo cookie bursting out. Hopefully we never see a bigger piece of gaming gear.

I was quite happy to discuss this at work today, sorry for the run on sentences and stream of consciousness! Heh

Me looking up at my vertical PS5 to change discs because it's far too large to lay horizontally.

@“穴”#p140991 that amp is going to get mighty hot.

@“treefroggy”#p140957 I‘ve had a vivid flashback of being 10 / 11 years old at an acquaintance in school’s house and he had his PS1 on top of a small CRT with the controller cables kinda draping over the front of the screen, which was already a sin in itself.

Anyway, he was one of those kids that tantrums over nothing and in the process of taking out his aggression on the controller he yanked the whole console off the TV onto the floor and I had never before or have since seen a console shatter quite like that PS1.

@“billy”#p141016 now that you mention it yeah that would make sense but is been like that for years… will check today lol

the DVD player over it does have some space under it though

@“MovingCastles”#p141012 me looking down after accidentally stepping on my horizontal ps2 slim