syzygy please delete this thread, I'm serious (original title: the lazy disinfo thread)

Post thoughts/opinions/assertions you‘re pretty sure are wrong, but you’re definitely not going to check

Just one rule = It is ABSOLUTELY **PROHIBITED** to correct anyone itt. You are allowed to agree though

One suggestion related to the one rule = try to avoid saying things that will cause alarm such as flat 7 up works just as good as insulin

Berlin is in the middle of Germany

Jools Holland was in King Crimson

If you're in a elevator and the cable breaks, you will be OK if you jump right before it hits the ground (I think this is a common belief)

Pretty sure the PC Engine isn't real

All my assertions are correct

Ready Player One is the We Didn't Start the Fire of video games

at some point there was a US president named “humphrey”

jools holland might have been in roxy music

Meetloaf isn't real it is just some made up thing that is mentioned in cartoons for some reason

that kratom would help my bastard of a hurt knee

just refer to my post history

Bush did 9/11

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Original reflective LCDs are totally visible and crystal clear and better than replacement lcds and oleds.

Mainstream videogame culture is unredeemable and has no salvation at this point (really hoping to be wrong in this one lol)

Texas looks *EXACTLY* like Fallout 3, gamebryo engine quirks included

Everyone in Canada is nice and would help you in a car crash

The water on toilets flushing on different directions depending on the hemisphere is a hoax

Barbershop music was invented in the olden days when barbers were surgeons and there was no anesthesia: barbers would hire people to stand around singing loudly to drown out the screaming.

Adding salt to my simmering pasta water will bring it to a boil faster

dinosaurs didn't have feathers get the fuck outta here with that nonsense

britpop was an MI5 operation however Pulp are innocent

the angry video game nerd apparently went to an active volcano and melted a copy of Greendog: The Beached Surfer Dude for the genesis on the lava

snakes have ears which are just tiny holes in the sides of their heads

@“Gaagaagiins”#p43015 [upl-image-preview url=//]