Taito X-55: Go! Go! Kill your phone bill with Ms. Amuro!

@exodus#2101 My mails are bouncing and I cant get into my old ICQ account but I will continue trying to get back in touch.

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Thanks @Fishie#2116 No expectations on my side but I hope we get good news from your acquaintance. It's already encouraging news to have a confirmation of people owning hacked units.

Well, unless I missed something after going through each issue three times, none of the Game Labo issues released throughout 1996 included any info on how to hack the X-55. I did not go through every single ad but I did not see any mention of X-55 hacking there either. I won't say "unfortunately", as I do not condone piracy/hacking during any console's commercial lifespan, but this also kinda contradicts the story earlier mentioned in this thread about the Mediabox version being a response to this publicly available hacking solution. What this could mean, though, is that the same solution might also have been possible on the Mediabox version.

Here is the scan from the article featured in the April 1996 issue.

[upl-image-preview url=//i.imgur.com/TqDXUju.jpg]
[upl-image-preview url=//i.imgur.com/LCn5Gem.jpg]
[upl-image-preview url=//i.imgur.com/IAyCNvm.jpg]
[upl-image-preview url=//i.imgur.com/uoD2cyp.jpg]
[upl-image-preview url=//i.imgur.com/aIo3qCD.jpg]

dang, still a lot of information in here though, including something of a teardown!! Pretty neat to see this stuff.

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Very cool, today I learned what “Mediabox” is from the third Zuntata History album is.


Dumping these here before I forget: more catalogues with listings for a bunch of X-55 games, some commonly known and some less so—interesting details include a description of how Crescent Tale played (take out enemies with an attack that causes the platforms to undulate), a listing for an original as well as confirmation that Taito themselves reprogrammed the Namco games (and that the ranking versions have altered behaviour that the felt the need to disclaim for whatever reason). According to the poster (Tanii from GCCX!), there‘s a version of Kyukyoku Harakiri Stadium listed somewhere that he didn’t photograph.


Incidentally, ex-Zuntata composer karu (best known for Puzzle Bobble) uploaded a piano rendition of a Crescent Tale tune a few days ago—the original soundtrack did get an official CD release as part of a specific rare tracks collection back in the day, and she seems to be particularly proud of it:

One of the big issues with constructing a comprehensive X-55 software list is that even a lot of JP folk have been uncritically circulating the unsourced list produced by the same guy who was banned up-thread…

@“gsk”#p97453 Dang, that catalogue is a great find, thanks!




Turns out the original planner on Crescent Tale has had a working backup this entire time! Can't wait to not play this once Taito takes it back and makes it playable during an exclusive three-second window, accessible only via etch-a-sketch: https://cohost.org/gosokkyu/post/2171006-crescent-tale-taito

@“gsk”#p125573 wowwww that is very exciting! I'm gonna have to buy that etch a sketch

@“gsk”#p125573 Wow! That’s crazy, thanks for sharing. So much good in this world has been done with the simple starting point of people liking Cleopatra Fortune.



The official Taito account has been posting a lot about the X-55




I‘ve noticed this… with the recent finding of one of the games on a dev’s hard drive, one wonders if they're gonna do something! I hope they do!