Tell me about the good chair

What chairs do y‘all like? I need an office chair that’ll help me sit like a person. I know those Herman Millers are the big boys but maybe there‘s other stuff out there that folks like. I kinda feel like arm rests just get in the way but I’m ready to be told they have a secret hidden use

Once everyone has exhausted their real chair opinions maybe we can turn this into a thread about video game chairs :3

@“exodus”#p96745 I managed to happen upon an Aeron free of charge (pandemic-related office closure…may have been an inside job on the part of my partner, but we won’t get into that lol). Anyway, just wanna say that the reputation is one thousand percent deserved and it really is a glorious sitting experience. I guess my advice would be to keep an eye on any overvalued startups in the area, I’m sure there are some crypto scams companies on the precipice…

I bought a Steelcase Think for too much money years and years ago…it’s ok, but wouldn’t go out of my way to recommend it.

I have a Herman Miller and having a proper chair has made my life 1000% better. I use it for around 9 hours a day and it is excellent. Think it is the Triflex model or something. It is light green which a lot better than boring office chair colours.

I sit on one of these, and ime “sitting like a person” includes a range of positions and one of the main benefits of floor-sitting is the ability and encouragement to shift positions instead of remaining more or less trapped in the same one offered by a chair.

I have a Steelcase Leap V2 that I purchased from a secondhand office supply store in early 2020, for $400. Just found another person on craigslist selling them for $200 and a handful of my friends have all gone and gotten one now.

It’s definitely my fav chair for now, given how much adjustment you can make and how solid it feels. Idk about buying one new, but secondhand the definitely seem worth it.

oh yeah to be clear, I'm 100% looking for recommendations of brands to look up on craigslist, ha ha.

I’ve been working in bed lately. It’s the best.

@“billy”#p96777 that is sadly not going to do it for me

@“exodus”#p96778 It’s not for everyone (I suggest that firefighters continue to go into the office), but it’s super cold here right now and I’ve been hanging out in bed with a hot drink, my laptop and the view of frozen countryside out the window.

I have a Zoom meeting with a client on Wednesday. Dare I put on a dress shirt and do it from bed? (probably)

Long time lurker but I finally made an account to post in the chair thread.

I was on the hunt earlier this year, ended up finding some dude who specialized in liquidations and nearly every chair you could think of in his garage.

I was dedicated to a Steelcase going in, but after trying them all, I decided on a [Haworth Fern]( It was very comfy and had more customization options than the Gesture, Aeron, etc. It’s a chair where I can work AND lounge.

That said, chairs are like mattresses and what might work for you might not work for me. I had never heard of the Fern chair before and wouldn’t have gotten it unless I tried it out.

@“MoH”#p96803 Thanks!! it‘s good to have more metaphorical data points when searching for these - I’m hoping I can get into a situation where I can try a few chairs… the craigslist angle makes it a bit tough, just going to someone‘s house, sitting in their chair and going “nah.” So your dude with every type of chair in his garage is what I’m really hoping for!!!

@“exodus”#p96806 for sure. I definitely outstayed my welcome testing out each chair 10x times.

Idk if you searched on Craigslist yet or not, but this dude had a bunch of similar posts for different brands which is why I ended up contacting him. If I knew then what I know now, I’d go to an actual store first to test them out.

The hardest part is pulling the trigger once you find the one you want.

@“kory”#p96750 I also currently sit on an stolen Aeron lol

the aeron is comfortable enough but i've been looking into learning more basic carpentry to build myself a floor sitting desk. Like @"connrrr"#p96761 described I've always felt trapped when sitting on a chair and i always end up contorted in weird ways around my chair.
I want to build the desk myself because i can't afford anything new and most floor siting desks aren't usually big enough for a dual monitor dependent person like me anyway.

no idea what type of chair i have but i got it on a black friday sale for like ~$200 at office depot lol. it is leather, has a headrest and lumbar support and has lasted me for 5 years and counting.

i love my chair

I watched tons of chairtubers over the thanksgiving break and ordered refurbed Steelcase Amia from ebay. It just arrived today and I‘m sitting in it right now! It’s pretty comfy and highly adjustable. It‘s huge step up from cheap chair that’s slowly destroying my back. But don‘t think it’s crazy comfortable as the hype. Maybe the refurber replaced too much original parts. It's not meshed back so could get hot during summer time. One of the arm pads is also smelling real bad so definitely find chair refurbers locally and try on (and smell!) before you buy.

@“KennyL”#p96815 that's a yikes

@“exodus”#p96823 Yikes indeed! Arm pad foam is probably molded inside. I wrapped it with plastic bag and ordered replacement pads…… Definitely don't recommend ebay vendor madisonseating.

My partner somehow managed to find a company going out of business sale years ago (like probably 2010 or so) and got a very lightly used HÅG Capisco chair for what seemed like a lot at the time but was nowhere near what they retail for. It‘s so comfortable and good, and it doesn’t have armrests at all (a plus). She‘s been super happy with it, it’s still good after more than a decade of use, and if you ever find one on deep deep discount, I would highly recommend it!