Tell them we want UFO, Endonesia and Giftpia!

I‘m with ya, but I don’t think anything outside of the games mentioned on the poll is realistic, not just because they don‘t own them but because Yoshiro Kimura didn’t work on them.

i have a copy of Chulip, and it‘s reasonably accessible via psn, so i am most interested in Rule of Rose, tbh.

glad this makes it seem like Moon was a success. i’m really happy and excited for these dudes.

Rule of Rose fucking sucks lol, just watch the FMVs on youtube. UFO is also not a masterpiece, though at least playable.

Endonasia though, yeah! Chulip seems obvious since it's already localized, more people need to play it. I'm happy Kimura is finally getting some exposure in the English speaking world.

My presumtion is that a Chulip remaster would require a new localisation, seeing as Natsume USA probably owns the existing one (and it‘s absolutely not worth paying whatever ransom they’d put on it).

My answers were minimal

I‘m not clamoring for rereleases of anything, because I don’t care about rereleases, basically ever.

Also for "what consoles do you play the most" I only put the classic ones, and it's true.