Tesla Arcade

There‘s little data out yet, but the new Tesla Arcade has earning potential of the Apple App store, except it supposedly has CPU power of a PlayStation 5. Gamers are going to sleep on this, the likes of Digital Foundry may do comparisons eventually. I’m just saying that this is going to be very relevant in the future. Everyone will be riding in robo-taxi's, and they will probably implement cloud saves. They already have the Witcher 3 running (I have not played that game). Preview images also have the likes of Startdew Valley and Cuphead on the tablet display. I, for one, already know that I would be more interested in bringing an actual console like my Wonderswan or 3DS on a Tesla, once I get tired of watching the world go by through the windows.

This thread is just me making the call that this is on the horizon as the next big shift in the industry. To most people, this console will be Pimp My Ride Levels. I say most people because, I already pimped my ride with a CRT RGB Gaming deluxe suite of legacy hardware the likes of which the world has never seen.

What's y'alls thoughts? What do you see yourselves actually playing? I think Tesla might be a very relevant platform in the future, even a console killer. I already said to y'all I'll be playing monochrome chocobo mystery dungeon on my wonderswan.

I think that once 5g becomes ubiquitous someone is going to try to push something like the stadia again, and that in a decade it will be a lot more common for devices to act like a terminal that does its processing elsewhere, than an actual mini PC.

Having a car do gamesvia broadcast seemed to make more sense in the long term than having your onboard rig do it, so this feels almost like a temporary measure.

It's going to get harder and harder to own/mod things.

I’m going to go ahead and ask the dumb questions:

this is elon musk tesla? I have to own one of those dumb cars, and I have to sit in the car to play streaming assassin's creed?

i can appreciate being able to play something on the go. i used to play games on the vita or 3ds on commutes on the train/bus. i also have no problem with electric cars, but i don't want a tesla. or anything to do with elon musk really.

will this platform allow me to run over pedestrians in GTA while my tesla's faulty self-driving software runs over pedestrians IRL?

Kinda similar: The Honda e is an electric car that has an HDMI port, allowing you to use on the displays on the dashboard as a screen. So you could technically play any console providing you have the adapters.


I suppose I just don‘t see anyway for this to be truly impactful. Cars need teraflops on flops for image recognition/self driving purposes. This just seems like a consequence of the hardware already being there. Kids don’t want an 8 inch screen in the rear console, they want a phone, IMO. Its a cute party trick, but it just seems like another Tesla lark like the tequila and booty shorts and whatever else that dude does. Fwiw, the potential of the App Store is a billion devices. Tesla hasn't sold a billion cars.

the tesla assisted speedruns are gonna be tighttt tho

they do a lot of stuff for a company that has never turned a profit

but self driving cars don’t in fact work, correct? I don’t get this

DVD players in cars were cool but ultimately never became An Important Thing. I feel like this is an even more out of touch version of that considering everyone in that car is just gonna be looking at their phones. Genshin Impact being a AAA game you can play on your phone for free without needing a fuckin Tesla is the real hotness.

@Syzygy#15355 “Average” by what measure? Middle class? Myself and my peers were the primo age for that stuff but we were poor and knew no one with a dvd/screen equipped mini van. Anecdotal obviously but that’s a luxury item, not a $70 portable DVD player you could get at Walmart to serve the same function without being part of an entire vehicle purchase.

for anyone else confused as to what this thread is even talking about: https://www.ign.com/articles/tesla-model-s-model-x-gaming-system-the-witcher-3-tesla-arcade

You can play games in your Tesla, using the car's onboard PC as the console is what i'm picking up from all this at a cursory glance.

I also don’t want to own a Tesla or even think about Elon "Apartheid Emeralds" Musk but beyond my own biases, this feels kinda...................dumb and bad and pointless. will this not require developers to make games specifically for $80,000 cars? that seems like A Pretty Limited Market.

BUT: going back to the first post here, the idea of self-driving taxis with built-in game devices is Cool, But Seems More Than A Long Way Off. self-driving tech, from my moderate ability to keep up with it, is still pretty far off for most purposes, and a future where we all ride environmentally friendly taxis instead of owning cars feels *pretty* close to impossible unless we turn over a *lot* of politicians, globally.

assuming ideal conditions (self driving tech works and is widespread) what kind of ps5 quality games do I want to play for a 23 minute cab ride? Why not just play a phone game or even a switch or whatever

Daaaang y‘all are savage! I was expecting there to be some Tesla hate but alright, thread over I guess. I’m not going to argue or fact check any of y‘all because I don’t care two licks, and I'm not trying to get mobbed!

Think of me in ten years when robo taxis are all we use to get around and tesla arcade is the new default for non-gamers.
There will always be a market for something like the switch where people would rather own their personal devices though, obviously, don't twist my words or anything!

peace out!

edit: don't think of me in ten years actually, but I hope you'll be doing well

Also okay my OP was pretty random, just a thought I had this morning, sorry if it comes off weird to make such a hard prediction LOL … I am in no way trying to make a political statement by talking about Tesla Arcade being relevant or predictive of a future facet of gaming.

imagining a self driving Tesla jumping the curb and running over a pedestrian, and the passenger pausing assassins creed: valhalla before getting out to apply first aid

@yeso#15368 and the person who got run over was playing game & watch gallery on their DMG while walking

@treefroggy#15369 lol, and I guess to answer the original question, I don’t see myself using a Tesla or it’s attached game platform personally, but I could see myself being killed by one

@yeso#15370 I wonder what the game console with the highest body count is.

Reminds me of that old story about missile guidance chips in the PS2.



Theres some cool stuff in this article!


In 2010, the U.S. military purchased 1,760 PlayStation 3s and linked them together at the Air Force Research Laboratory to create what at the time was the 33rd most powerful supercomputer on Earth.


Dubbed the “Condor Cluster,” the agglomeration of PS3s could perform 500 trillion floating point operations per second and was used for analyzing high-definition satellite imagery. The Department of Defense estimated that purchasing comparable hardware to construct the cluster from scratch could have cost 10 times as much.