That "Summer Vibe"

I think we need a fourth console that would give us that “Summer Vibe”.

I was never a SEGA console person, simply because I grew up with Nintendo and Playstation (and PC) , basically by accident and convenience of availability, and common factor (everybody had those among my friends, almost none had other stuff).

I never really understood even the gameplay of Sonic, what's the hook (I understand it theoretically, but it never got me, when I tried it, not even Sonic Mania).

Whatever. The point here is that Nintendo is quite summery, but I would say it's more Springy.
Playstation is somehow more crepuscolar, always has been, with the deep blacks of the ps1 games, and the sleek appeal they went for all along since PS2. It's autumny-wintery.

Xbox WAS summery I would say, sometimes. I don't know why but it was (maybe bcs it had Outrun 2006 Coast 2 Coast? Or maybe for some of the games it had on the 360, like Vanquish and Lost Planet.
Lost Planet is all covered in snow, and beautifully so. Yet it always felt like a Summer Game to me.

All this I think comes from the look of Sega consoles games that I would see predominantly on the pages of the magazines I would read at the time, when Dreamcast stuff like Shenmue was making my jaw drop (not enough to go and buy one, but I wasn't really at the age of being able to buy anything on my own at the time).

And comes also from the memories of the arcades (in Italy it was never so so big the arcade scene, and it disappeared so quickly after PS1 exploded), the coin ops machines were definitely a thing of the seaside vacations.
In those bars, completely uninteresting ones, full of old people zombieing around and tanned men full of bravados and sunglasses and disgusting habits, me and many other kids were spending coins on things like Crazy Taxi, Dead or Alive, Virtua Tennis, etc.

Sega was everywhere.

I think I really want a FOURTH console on the market, I want a console that somehow would be focused on that SUMMER VIBE.
I'm not saying it would have to give me a retrogaming experience with access to those old titles.
I'm just saying that there is an overall aeshtetic to a bunch of those titles that goes beyond the number of polygons and the quality of textures and lighting.

I'm saying that there is an identifiable aesthetic there, and I think we should have that today as well.
It would bring a certain kind of immediate joy to the scene.

Do you see what I'm saying?

I get exactly what you mean. This is a vibe I tend to seek out both in games and just other sorts of media in general. I just really like vibrant colors and I feel like games or other media with this sort of aesthetic can make me interested and passionate about anything, because there‘s just this sort of vibe like the world is a cool place and this work is a celebration of it. For example, I’d really like to play Virtua Tennis. I know nothing about tennis in real life, but those colors and vibes make me want to give the game a try, and maybe it would get me into tennis IRL.

I am of the firm belief (and thankfully it seems like I'm seeing more people online coming around to this) that the games with the best graphics aren't about realism but aesthetic and art style, and I'll always point at Wind Waker, Skies of Arcadia, Jet Set Radio, and Dragon Quest VIII as being the best looking games of all-time to me, whearas you look at a lot of stuff going for "realism" in the PS2 and 360 generations have aged like milk. I don't think realism in games is a bad thing at all depending on the game, but I feel like something like Virtua Tennis, Metal Gear Solid, the Skate games, or Yakuza are going for more realistic graphics but have all aged well because they have a visual direction, whearas games that lack a distinct style and presentation look really bland and washed out.

It would be nice if only SEGA was allowed to make consoles


The two-Tone Color Summer Edition were the result of a survey done by Bandai through Internet to decide what would be the 3 refreshing colors of the summer. The 3 winning colors were released in the Summer 1999. Sherbet Melon, Soda Blue, & Frozen Mint.

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Only months after launch in march 1999, there was an internet poll (in **1999**) to determine what would become the coolest wonderswan colors, specifically summer colors. Wonderswan is the summerest console ever.

Handhelds are summer vibes.

Get an Analogue Pocket that one feels wintery.

Get a Playdate that one feels autumny.

Get specifically a teal or yellow Switch Lite.

Get a PSP-3000.

Get that red tank DS with Jump Super Stars.

Get a Miyoo Mini.

Get an Aquaplus P/ECE.


@“◉◉maru”#p119974 Aquaplus P/ECE

I still want one if you come across it! And that thingie with the funny cartridges....

Definitely agree with this and love the examples brought up here so far. Some that came to mind for me were from Square on the PS2. Think as we get deeper into the summer it might be time for some FFX and Outrun ‘06 in between SF6 as well…

Definitely agree with your take on Nintendo being Spring.

I‘d even go so far to say that they’re anti-Summer (anti-Sega?)


  • - Summers, the over-priced ‘tourist trap’ in Earthbound.
  • - Mario being arrested in Mario Sunshine for trying to enjoy Summer.
  • - The Great Bay in Majora's Mask has two summer homes, one of which is a windowless dungeon filled exclusively with spiders.
  • - Every Metroid spends nearly the entire game underground, a particularly un-Summery place to be.
  • Crazy Taxi is one that I think of exclusively as a Summer game.

    The setting for sure, but also hearing those four songs on a loop in the background of a beachside arcade for years of Summer vacations.


    New Pokémon Snap on an OLED Switch is full of summer vibes!! I think OLEDs are crucial (or cheating) in capturing the blue skies and verdant landscapes. And the BEACHES. This, by extension, should mean that the Vita was a summer console but I think the PSP was somehow even more summery.

    I don't know if the DS is a summer console, but my lime DSi certainly is. Go play *Contact* or FSR, or *Trace Memory*? on that thing and tell me it's not summer yet! [size=11](What?? It's still technically spring in this hemisphere??)[/size]

    I know the focus on summery games tends to focus on bright sunny skies, but consider for a moment the [summer's evening](

    Summer means sun and outdoors, which means reflective, unlit TFT LCD screens. Go outside and play Boktai: The Sun is in your Hands!


    That summer feeling is gonna fly

    Always try and keep the feeling inside

    -Teenage Fanclub

    I‘ll let someone else post about Chrono Cross, and instead say Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana which felt like Adol’s summer break


    Which may be a “Summer Vibe” fighting game in your opinion?

    Speaking of modern titles, I don't know if Street Fighter 6 is giving me that vibe much, it's definitely "hiphop" and kinda old school looking at that (the graffitis that remind me of a certain era of hip hop specifically, for example)... but I think a total revamp of Dead or Alive might help (is that series dead? )

    The new Mortal Kombat is going more colorful, but I don't think we've seen all of it enough to say, and anyway the ultraviolence twist (which I love, don't get me wrong, big fan of MK ) kinda disrupts the vibe we're speaking about here.

    I would definitely pay for an all-new Fighting Game that would make me feel like I'm playing it on an arcade machine next to a bar covered in bamboo plants, serving colorful icy drinks.

    The recent Ninja Turtles sidescrolling beat-em up game (Shredder's Revenge) definitely has some of that vibe as well I guess (BUT NOT THAT SEGA BLUE, I kinda think that's KEY)
    I love it, that's for sure.



    @“Absint”#p120759 Street Fighter 6

    The _Street Fighter 6_ Battle Pass is called "Early Summer Vibes". You can get a unicorn pool floaty thing for your avatar.

    well there's virtua fighter 2 for sure

    then there's.... virtua fighter 3

    sonic the fighters goes between all the seasons in my opinion so that doesn't count. tough to think of any others that might get close, they love autumnal sunsets and winterscapes too much in these games.