That time Del Tha Funkee Homosapien peformed at the SEGA Dreamcast launch party

I haven't heard a lot of Del outside of Deltron 3030, occasional features and _I Wish My Brother George Was Here_, but I came across this performance after someone hipped me to his insanely nerdy song "[Proto Culture](". Del used to review imported games like _[Tobal 2]( on the Hieroglyphics message boards back then too, so this Dreamcast launch party performance definitely makes sense. Del is the raddest.

i was searching for dreamcast and found this absolute gem - anyone who knows of del/deltron 3030, please do yourself a favor and check out hieroglyphics!

oakland royalty, real ones know

Oh wow, thanks for bumping this. I‘m definitely going to watch this later. I started listening to del by way of his song If You Must on the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3 soundtrack. When I heard him name drop MegaMan Legends in Proto Culture, that was it for me. Del rules!

I support this thread thoroughly and love the protoculture. I KNOW Del was absolutely honored to perform at this launch.