The best touch-only DS games

For the sake of completion, I‘ll share some of the coolest touch-only DS games I could find. Unfortunately, @“gsk”#70 was absolutely right on the money and most of these are really not great to play on a smartphone (bye bye 5$ I spent on DraStic) due to being very finicky and/or hard to play when you got a big fat finger in the front of the screen. Anyways here’s the list:

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    Big Bang Mini - This goes first on the list because that is the most hiddenestest of gems lorddd what a cool game. A very creative take on the STG genre that I highly recommend to everyone. It‘s possible to master on a phone but you’ll have an easier time with a stylus for sure

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    Point Bland DS - Yup the arcade/ps1 konami light gun bonanza got an entry on the DS and it's prettyyy fun

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    Mario vs. Donkey Kong - These are great to play on a cellphone

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    Little Red Riding Hood's Zombie BBQ - fun shooter with horrible female representation

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    Rhythm Heaven - Great game but impossible to play with the emulator's input lag

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    Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors - Only played this one for a little bit but it felt like a great fit for a smartphone emulator. Don't know if it got an official mobile port, but I've heard the dual screens are pretty essential for the experience

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    The World Ends With You - You can actually play it with a stylus only (the battle with buttons on the top screen defaults to auto) but I can't recommend that at all

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    WarioWare Touched - Name says it all

  • I can't recall, was Hotel Dusk touch only, or did we use the dpad to walk around?

    @"fugazi57"#p42431 999 is fantastic, I played it on DS when it was new and was saddened when Virtues Last Reward came out and was a Vita exclusive -- I did not own a Vita. I now own it on Steam and it is in [The Pile](

    TWEWY was excellent, and I will purchase Neo TWEWY on switch shortly and play through it.

    Sega Presents Touch Darts is really good.

    You throw the darts using the stylus. Feels great.

    @“Iain”#p68884 having a hard time understanding why i wouldn't just tap the bullseye every time and win constantly, so i assume there must be surprising and satisfying play mechanics to be experienced here

    It’s very simplistic but I still love Sort or Splode, and plenty of the other mini games bundled with Mario 64DS and New Super Mario Bros.
    I really love Pac’n’Roll’s fake trackball controls, and I wonder how those could be done with a common modern input device. This game is really responsive and I love the PS1 style chunky level geometry.


    Yeah, you don’t just tap where you want it to go, you pick a starting position, pull it backwards, and fling it forwards. Which means even if you remember the ideal starting position for a full speed flick, the act of swiping forwards can go wonky. It’s really cool and always slightly tense.

    The presentation is very British as well.

    @“Kimimi”#p41186 I think it’s pretty reasonable to have a bad first impression of the DS! ‘Play Mario 64 with plastic around your thumb’. I think the specific appeal of DS was always the cosiness of stylus play, but it doesn’t look impressive alongside the peak of PS2 games.

    @“Iain”#p68964 everything about that sounds neat! i'll have to check it out. thanks.

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    Speaking of darts, it turns out I worked on a darts game for DS and I didn't even know about it!
    I did characters, illustrations, and designed some of the minigames for Thrillville games on PS2.

    Some of the minigames I designed and did the graphics for were Sparkle Island and Sparkle Quest, which featured a bunch of cartoon animals. At some point I was asked to make 3D versions of the characters which were sent to the company doing the DS port, but I didn't hear anything after that. I guess this is where they ended up!

    @“docky”#p68962 I’m relatively sure that the Wii version of Pac’n’Roll let you control with an analog stick. Wasn’t as good.

    ~I ~love ~Pac’n’Roll


    @“docky”#p68962 I really love Pac’n’Roll’s fake trackball controls, and I wonder how those could be done with a common modern input device. This game is really responsive and I love the PS1 style chunky level geometry.

    They did release an analogue-controlled version for Wii back in the day, tacked onto a Namco Museum release or two, and that version's coming to modern systems at the end of the month as part of the Pac-Man Museum+ collection. I recall the waggle-to-boost being far more annoying than anything else.

    @“docky”#p68965 Wait when did I s- Ohhhhhhhh

    I do love those 3D models you made - if they had any more personality in them they'd burst! :smiley:

    Yeah, good stuff @docky. That red rabbit is just loving life.


    @“rejj”#p42593 a Vita exclusive

    I had thought this was also on 3DS at launch, but maybe not?

    I empathize though, I recently played 999 on my laptop (after first playing VLR on 3DS) and strongly prefer the handheld experience