The buzzer is like a character on the show

Favorite buzzer moments?

Favorite “1-Ups”?

What do you think of the buzzer sound?

If you could change the buzzer sound or rules (just a fun hypothetical) what would you make it?

Let's all celebrate the buzzer, I think its been doing a great job.

When I first started listening to the show mid 2020, I feel like there was a different buzzer for one episode. Did I dream this or did that really happen?

@milo#20751 If you dreamt it then I'm feeling that Mandela effect because I also thought that was the case once

I'll be honest, I have been disappointed by how readily the hosts seem to have been reaching a consensus on the last few episodes, shielding me from the Ear Tork Hearing Salts of the buzzer…more rambling and/or filibustering please!


Right!!! It was one of those things where when I heard the regular buzzer I was like "oh they change the buzzer noise every episode, that's cool" but upon further listening realized that wasn't the case.

Maybe that's something they can experiment with?

To change up the pace maybe they could use the Katamari siren, just let it keep blaring until the last person stops talking in order to maximize the potential for irreversible hearing loss


Yeah I was thinking something like the countdown from Tekken.

This seems like a good place to say that I quite like how @espercontrol has turned into the ghost guest of the show, communicating through perfectly timed sound effects. Always makes me laugh.

I like when the buzzer goes off and a panelist says “well, I probably shouldnt talk about it because of the NDA, anyway”

isn't the buzzer from ziggurat? gotta keep it for tim!

i like when jaffe squeezes in a joke before he hits the buzzer.

It is indeed from ziggurat!

@Syzygy#20915 this is all i hear

to be honest I‘m not sure if there was an episode where I used something other than the Classic Buzzer (maybe a halloween episode? i feel like i was peppering weird stuff in there) or if Blaine did. but as it stands, the buzzer ain’t goin nowhere!!

we're actually working on jimmying with Jaffe's setup a bit to make it easier for the panelists to hear the buzzer.

i try to be sparring in the goofy sound effects i add just because i'm sure it annoys some people, but i'm glad people enjoy it when i do. keep your ears open for more!