The current forum posting problems!

I‘m sure you’ve all noticed a variety of problems that flarum, our forum software, is having right now. The things that most often happen are:

1) you try to post and get an error. But when you refresh the page the post is there. this can lead to double- or triple-posts as you try to figure it out.
2) replying to a person yields a reply to "unknown"

More rarely, photos won't be uploadable.

I just want everyone to know that we are aware of it, and have tried a lot of things to fix it, none of which have worked. We are going to keep trying but we might just need to change everything over somehow. Other forums are also having this problem but there don't appear to be any actionable solutions.

For the time being, here's what I do when I make a post. It is incredibly annoying but at least it works.

  • - post a thing
  • - get an error message.
  • - copy my reply "just in case"
  • - refresh the page to see if the post is there, and if not, repost it.
  • - edit the "unknown" in the reply area to have the correct replies by manually adding the name in between the brackets of [unknown]
  • I realize that this sucks, and I realize it especially because it happens to me roughly 75% of the time I post something, whether on desktop or mobile. We're gonna keep trying stuff but realistically it will probably be like this at least through March, if not longer. I just want to thank everyone for sticking with us even as the forum software tries to stop us. I will not be silenced!! I have Sega things to say!!!

    Thanks everyone, and SORRY!~!!!


    if you are too lazy to type a name out you can also just click on the reply button of the post you want to reply to when editing your post to fix the unknown bug


    I nominate “@unknown” for next forum mascot.

    I’ve definitely noticed, but I think I have acclimated to it. Kinda like an appliance that doesn’t work “unless you do this”, but is otherwise perfectly functional.

    @“Viralata”#p156411 Tomb of the unknown poster?

    @“穴”#p156408 I didn't know this! very handy.

    If someone created an account called [unknown] they would be the most popular person on the forum

    @“TaliesinMerlin”#p156413 i read this as “@tombo the unknown poster”

    @“Viralata”#p156411 take your pick


    @“Viralata”#p156411 I offer a counter-argument:

    Do note that my counter-argument assumes familiarity with the English track names.

    @“Gaagaagiins”#p156419 Strange as this coincides with another Unknown happening recently…

    @“MovingCastles”#p156423 “W” looks particularly mischievous so thats my pick.

    @“exodus”#p156404 Thanks for the update and clarifying. I was beginning to think I was losing it and no longer able to use the internets properly.


    @“segashiro”#p156431 I was beginning to think I was losing it and no longer able to use the internets properly.

    Seeing as you've made your way to, your usage of the internet is in fact world class

    do we all agree this is the unknown we’re replying to, right?

    edit: posted without problems! have been working lately for me but had those issues for sure.

    I‘d like to shout out our community for rolling with this situation instead of responding with any kind of negative behavior at all! The mod team very much appreciates the absence of disruptive posts, or threads, or whining, or anything of that nature. It’s awesome. You‘re awesome! The fact that you are all here and willing to work around our interim issues with the platform speaks to the value of the community itself - and that’s all of you.

    random things breaking for no discernible reason is an authentic Forums Heritage Experience, after all

    I'm all about enjoying software that is kinda busted but has lots of cool stuff

    A little bit of jank adds character

    Also everything actually works and is well designed, something I'm not used to anymore. This web-site is already the best hybrid of modern useability with old school simplicity.