The current forum posting problems!

Can we submit the forum as part of the modern Simple Series lineup?

I‘ll chime in to say I’ve experienced both issues but infrequently and not to any kind of extent that would discourage posting.

@“LeFish”#p156513 Simple 2000: The Forum has a good ring to it

I am glad to hear people are experiencing it infrequently. For me it‘s roughly 75% of the time, I’m hoping my case is unique.

The unknowns seem to self correct for me over time.

@“DaveedNoo”#p156589 hmm that seems unlikely, but if you can point to one that would be interesting!

I always asumed the unknowns were only for my display and not a real thing.

As for posting, it happened to me almost everytime for a while but has stopped happening on the last messages 🤞

EDIT: posted succesfully

Has something changed on the backend or its just luck?

EDIT: posted succesfully

@“Uli”#p156686 Replying to you as test

EDIT: It went from happening most of the time to it barely happening now -- I've replied successfully for a couple of times and it didn't happen. Like this one.

@“exodus”#p156604 I think I was observing a different “unknown” glitch unrelated to replying. Often it would just show a user as unknown, or my own posts even and later they would appear again.

I just gotta say (even though it‘s 6 days later), it says a lot that I’ve been aware and experiencing this problem, only just now thought to look up anything about it, and it‘s never been to the point where I’ve actively avoided participating in discussions.

This community is worth being somewhat mildly inconvenienced for <3


I can’t see any user-uploaded images on iOS Chrome, but I can on Safari.

iPhone 12, iOS 17.4

@“billy”#p158197 What do you get instead of an image? Is there an error or does it not load anything at all? And can you check the version of Chrome if possible please.

@“Tom of the Fog”#p158198 I get an empty line where the image should be.

Chrome version is 123.0.6312.52 (latest)

For example:


(I also cannot see the above image)

@“billy”#p158212 Okay first thing that could be an issue and I‘m not that familiar with Chrome on iOS is it looks like you have 65 tabs open. I’m thinking maybe a cached image issue - but does this happen on other webpage?

If you can share the forum post you can't see I can send you the direct URL for imgur and make sure you can see it.

@“Tom of the Fog”#p158214 Still happens with all tabs closed.

Direct URLs for images (taken via Safari) don’t load either.

Will re-install Chrome and report back.

@“billy”#p158216 @Tomofthefog

Re-installed Chrome, still no images.

@“billy”#p158217 On any pages or just this one? And in Safari too?