The Death of Worlds

Today I Learned: there is a game with Let It Die in the title that does not feature Uncle Death.

As scatterbrained and oblivious as I can be on occasion, it feels somewhat significant to me that my reaction to live service games I had heard about before launch being cancelled is often “…wait, that launched already?”

I had that reaction to _Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier_ too, but as I said, I had little to no interest in it from the get-go:


@“Gaagaagiins”#p88335 …I’m not really the target demographic as the appeal of mobile games has never made sense to me, but I wasn’t even aware it had come out.

Meanwhile, I was at least homeopathically interested in _Deathverse: Let It Die,_ if for no other reason than that I did sink a lot of time into _Let It Die_ and it's a game I have a strange fondness for.

@“Syzygy”#p102490 This is a set of 10 games you get “for free” if you purchase a PS5.

In Death of Worlds news, one of my favorite games of the last year is shutting down after less than a year of operations.

_Rumbleverse_ launched this summer and I was hooked and it's end-of-life is last day of February.

Good roundup over at Kotaku.

_Deathverse_ was an interesting one to me. I played the Beta but was way more invested in _Rumbleverse_. And now my fallback plan is also on the list and has a five month window to its soft shutdown. I’m surprised they are going to let it ride for that long.

These companies aren‘t just shutting down worlds, they’re killing our girlfriends! something something tokimeki memorial cyberpunk love

we all gotta get into babylon‘s fall right before it dies. I’ll try to coordinate next week.

@“deepspacefine”#p105173 I‘d say we’re about 5 years away from the point where a company rolls out a smart tv compatible AI wife who looks exactly like Helpful Fox Senko-san and orders you dinner, reminds you to go to work, asks you not to drink so much, and calls an ambulance for you when you endanger your own life. It'll be like marrying a vtuber that lives in the cloud and cries when you end your subscription.

Actually, this might be an investment opportunity?

I completely forgot to log in to babylon's fall yesterday, I missed the last day! Shoot.

goodbye valikorlia rest in peace

This hasn't come out yet but is getting turned off tomorrow. There have been playtests for the public but it is going away. Tomorrow, Tomorrow Falls falls.

A friend worked on it so thoughts and prayers for any staff that may get hit by closing a game.

PS4 Border Break is going offline. It will still have single player and online exhibition matches but the core of it is going away. More in gsk's thread.

I think I'll pick up The Lost Child, you know, the sequel to El Shaddai lol. They put it on sale for $5 today too.

Wow, glad I have a physical copy of God Wars!

Any reasoning for removing these? I kinda don't want to pick them up if its just a marketing tactic. But if its a licensing issue or something i'd feel better about it.

@“Tradegood”#p119326 Zero context or reason given by NISA but people are speculating it's a rights expiration because of this and they might be relisted by Kadokawa under their own name. Apparently similar things have happened with NISA for Danganronpa and Atelier games.

Read about this on Kotaco

Very normal live service game announcement that reveals the launch window of the localized version of the game, only to immediately clarify that the localized version already has a shutdown date only a few months later.

I think that sounds like a contractual obligation. They were under contract to release it and several months of service was the best they could negotiate down to.


@“Chopemon”#p150173 I think that sounds like a contractual obligation. They were under contract to release it and several months of service was the best they could negotiate down to.

I saw discussion elsewhere that it might be mostly about how this game was supposed to kind of replace a previous one which got killed, and they promised users they would be able to migrate their account data to the new game. So, that sort of makes sense (as much as it can, anyway)

@“Gaagaagiins”#p150181 when will people learn to never promise anything