The DeLorean of video games

Probably Silicon Knights.

Eternal Darkess was the DeLorean in Back to the Future, and everything else was the DeLorean outside of that.

Maybe it‘s because I just watched hbomberguy’s video about Rick Dyer but I kinda want to say RDI Video Systems. Dragon‘s Lair was a barely-videogame that managed to endure in the public consciousness thanks to its surface-level razzmatazz, and you’ve also got the Halcyon gaming console in there as their big, ambitious DeLorean-level failure.

Trying to break this down. The DMC DeLorean:

  • - Was low powered
  • - had terrible performance
  • - expensive
  • - low production run
  • - owner was involved in crimes
  • I think I know the answer:

    Dragon’s Lair is good. Really good.

    @hellomrkearns#3095 You have the bullet points right, but you’re missing one… something where it was part of/associated with a popular, “good” thing.

    I bet Gearbox fits in here somewhere

    @adamazing#3097 yeah. That's the bit that stumped me.

    Could Insert Credit be the DeLorean of video games?

  • - Esoteric underdog
  • - Highly stylised content
  • - Featuring recognised industry personalities
  • - Existed for a while but then disappeared
  • - [Recently revived](
  • - Appeals to a small but loyal group of enthusiasts
  • If @exodus has any unpaid parking tickets or anything then that covers the criminal element and I think we're done here.

    @hellomrkearns#3095 Ah Colors, the unreleased game that begins with gay sex.

    @Fishie#3114 it doesn‘t! that’s a rare condition for when you pay a prostitute or need to get out of jail.

    @exodus#3124 hmm I must have remembered wrong then

    @exodus#3124 Did the game not start with you having to escape jail tho?

    Not that I recall! I could load it up and find out for sure.

    @exodus#3159 Please do, so they send you one after all.

    I checked up on it and I was wrong.

    No need to fire it up.