The Extremely Specific Words Your Phone Knows

  • - I got the idea for this thread yesterday when I intended to type “taste” and it was auto-corrected to “tate”.
  • - Which is a good segue into how predictive text has offered to start a sentence with the word "Ikaruga".
  • - My phone definitely knows how to style "RetroArch" because of my constant complaining about it here and to some of my buddies.
  • - If I type the capital letter P, I get "P4AU" suggested which is the abbreviation for [Persona 4 Arena Ultimax](
  • - I also get a lot of acronyms suggested for group names at my company (which are all [TLAs](
  • Do it. Post your most shameful/most self-aggrandizing silly phone markups.

    The only words my iPad's (closest thing I regularly use to a phone) auto-complete recommends me are words relating to whatever I happen to be reading at the time - so, a lot of “political” and “society” and “capitalism” and a little bit of “Deleuze/Guattari” thrown in for good measure. However, I do remember one time the auto-complete suggested “Drakengard” as one of the options despite my never having informed it what Drakengard even is.

    I'm so proud of my iPad.

    My phone knows some good archaeology words and phrases like projectile point, cupriferous, processualist, palimpsest, uniformitarianism, and taphonomy.

    @CidNight#27884 Those are some really good words! I’m going to go learn them.

    I started consistently all caps-ing the phrase “THE ALGORITHM” when referring to the invisible math that manipulates our lives so often that now my phone auto-caps any use of the word “ALGORITHM” and I'm just fine with that.

    My phone has so many romanized japanese words in it that I couldn‘t even begin to name one, but one thing I find amusing is that now that I’ve started typing in spanish on my phone a lot more, sometimes a typo gets autocorrected to spanish, like I wrote “as-is” but missed the dash so it became “asis” so my phone changed it to así - which is fair enough!

    Also the other day I was trying to type something that started with a capial G, and since I don't usually capitalize things on my phone, it was like "oh, he means to type G-Vector."

    G-Vector is a crappy panzer dragoon-like that looks pretty good in stills but is pretty bad and doesn't even have good music

    The artists did their job! that's about it.

    @CidNight#27884 oooh, I‘m happy to see the word “palimpsest” come up because I’ve been contemplating starting a thread about video game palimpsests (or incorporating that into the video game vestiges thread). I have to brainstorm some more…

    Mine is pretty boring, but it mostly consists of medical terms and shorthand. iOS impressively threads the needle of only autocorrecting normal words to medical terms and vice versa pretty often, which is endlessly frustrating, occasionally amusing, and probably at least a little bit possibly dangerous... A benign but consistently annoying one is that iOS seems _gleefully hell-bent_ on turning every "and" into "abd" (as in abdomen).

    @kory#28452 palimpsest is a great word! Obviously not specifically an archaeology word but it gets used at a much higher rate than typical

    Just found out my phone knows the incorrect spelling of answer: awnser. This will never be confusing.

    My keyboard is full of Welsh words (extremely similar alphabet), and I have some unusual words come up quite often like “chwyrligwgan” (carousel / merry-go-round), “ffrwchnedd” (banana - archaic term), and “ymlacio” (relax).

    Otherwise, I get loads of videogames related terms come up but by far the most common are Viewtiful and MegaTen. I probably have some problems!

    Well this was an interesting search result

    I'm old and never type on my phone unless I need to, which basically means only to text with my wife about my child.

    I like to talk about boardgames a lot, and my phone is constantly correcting “board” to “Baird” (yes, always uppercase).

    It must be something I accidentally taught it, but what the h*ck is “Baird” ??

    Was reminded this morning that my phone knows a lot of character and faction names from the table top games I play.

    @rejj#30814 Welsh is full of nonsense words like that; not quite slang but something that‘s just become something that’s accepted.

    I guess the most well known nonsense word, certainly in the UK anyway, is "poptyping" (literally: "ping oven") for microwave when the actual term is "meicrodon". Jellyfish has two common parlance nonsense names too, "pysgod wibbliwobbli" (literally: wibbly wobbly fish" and "cont y môr" (literally: "c-bomb of the sea") when the actual term is "slefrod". What a colourful language.

    In keeping with the thread I have "pysgod" come up a lot too.