The Going Places Thread

I wasn‘t actually able to find a thread that is just about going places (stores, museums, etc) and posting pictures/describing what you see. The closest I know of is my travel thread, but the thing I want to write about (which will appear in the post after this) didn’t actually involve any traveling. So I made a new thread. The next time you go on some excursion that feels worth talking about, post it here. Or maybe one of the mods knows of a better place this all can go and can merge it for me.

This thread sounds sweet. I go lots of places, but I don't travel very often. Looking forward to it

Yesterday I went to 香港名店街 or “Hong Kong Famous Stores Street”, which actually has nothing to do with Hong Kong and instead is a underground mall filled with Lolita dress stores:

There were also a bunch of Lolita-adjacent speciality stores, like this doll shop:

The entrance had a bunch of people selling little cards with pictures of anime characters or boyband idols on them. This is one of the few instances I've seen anyone selling stuff on the floor here. Previous times I'd been to China (Beijing), it felt like every subway station or pedestrian bridge had people selling all sorts of stuff, though all that seems to be gone now except in designated locations. (Sorry for these two pictures being blurry, but they're also what made me realize I should probably blur the faces in the other picture.)

I realized looking at all the anime stuff that I no longer have any idea what is going on in anime anymore. I feel like I used to be able to go to conventions or read tumblrs and recognize a pretty decent percentage of characters, but now I am either outdated, or there's a much larger surplus of original Chinese animation (which I know little about) that looks like Japanese animation than I thought.

There was also this big tough dude selling reptiles:

The place was absolutely massive, way more than I was expecting. I really only took pictures near the entrance, then got distracted. The stores went on and on. After the fact I looked it up, and apparently it is "the longest [as opposed to biggest] underground pedestrian shopping tunnel in Shanghai", which is kind of too many adjectives to actually be impressive, but prior to this if you asked me to guess what was inside of the longest shopping center of any designation, I probably wouldn't have guessed Lolita stores. I mean, there were some gundam and figurine stores too, I suppose, but those tend to be much easier to find, and therefore are less interesting to me.

I wonder if the Hong Kong name means at some point long ago they sold Hong Kong movie/music paraphernalia here. Doing some searches, I wasn't really able to find any information about the place other than people just writing about going there. Maybe the next time I'm there I should try to shake shopowners down for tidbits of history.

Here's the last photo I took at the mall


@“saddleblasters”#p111545 well, I tried to go back to this mall today, and discovered it was completely shut down. The tunnel is still accessible, since it connects the subway to a different mall, but all the stores are shuttered. Some of the stores moved to that second mall, but I guess many of them are gone forever? I looked it up and found some news stories saying the shutdown was announced 4 days after I made my original post. So a very weird feeling to discover my one visit to this massive place that seemed extremely well-trafficked happened to be days before its demise.

I saw this sign in the bathroom though:


@“saddleblasters”#p120718 Some of the stores moved to that second mall, but I guess many of them are gone forever?

and some stores are wherever they lay their cloth down and sit selling boy band cards.

@“saddleblasters”#p120718 WOW, that is kind of incredible. you documented the end of something!! I will try to share more photos of places I've been going forward, this is a fun thread idea.

@“treefroggy”#p120772 that is true, but one of the problems is that it doesn‘t really seem like there’s that many places you can get away with selling stuff on the street like that anymore. I‘m not sure if there was a recentish crackdown or if Shanghai has always been stricter about this kind of stuff, but even as recent as when I visited in Beijing in 2016 and 2018 there were all sorts of people selling old books, homemade art, and various other trinkets on blankets at every pedestrian bridge or tunnel. Now in 2022-2023 Shanghai I can count on one hand how many I’ve seen.

Of course this might be more related to economics than police crackdowns: maybe it's just a lot easier and more profitable for the people who used to sell their unique wares on the street to do all their business on the internet. The only reason my mind immediately goes to the police is seeing a video of a bunch of people quickly pack up their blankets because they heard the cops were coming is etched into my memory. I know too little about that whole life though to do anything more than guess. And of course beyond all else, I probably am just looking in the wrong spots.

@"exodus"#p120801 Well, if it's not already clear, this thread was inspired by the episodes you record everytime you go somewhere, as well as some of the older Insert Credit coverage. So please contribute! You can think of it as a much more low effort version of that other stuff.

I guess I feel weird about having "documented" the place, because it was a pretty well known place that I'm sure has thousands of people way more familiar with it than I ever could be -- but at the same time, even in Chinese there wasn't that much on the internet about it that I could find. After it closed there were a few articles lamenting its death, but in writing their retrospectives, they seemed to mostly just repeat information from the other stuff I'd already read. One of the eulogies did have this particularly memorable sentence along the lines of "people born in the 80s and 90s have been crying their whole lives as everything they've ever cared about eventually gets demolished. Now it's the post-00s generation's turn to shed their tears."

Today I went to a “game shop” that is in fact just a room in a guy's house. You have to text him to get there and make an appointment. Then you go round the side and get let in.


It's a huge mess/mass of games, manuals, and errata in various states of organization. [URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL]

He just puts on lofi beats to chill/study to and leaves and says text me when you're done. [URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL]



I had to climb behind that arcade machine to check out the Xbox and 360 games which were 2 layers deep. There was stuff everywhere and it would've taken a couple hours to really look at everything but I didn't want to do that while we were hungry. Even so, I found some stuff. Most of the big ticket items he has listed for ebay, which is most of what I'm looking for, but here's what I wound up with.

Not pictured, gear works for game gear because I left it in the bag! Very curious to see what that "guity gear" bootleg cd is, odd to see a sealed japanese 3do game, and fun to get killzone liberation just about 10 hours after hearing about it from Shane Bettenhausen.

I'll go back and try again with more time, but it was a fun thing to do overall! (incidentally I averaged less than 10 bucks per game, not including the two manuals and dreamcast demo disc with Sega swirl - not a great price, not a bad price, and no tax - mostly I wanted to buy stuff because of the situation!)

[edit] I forgot to mention he writes inspirational phrases in sharpie on all his change so now I have a 50 dollar bill that says life is a blessing

Went to famicase exhibit with @“mindleftbody”#868

Might come out of retirement and submit a piece next year if I can get my hands on a graphics tablet

I went to a really cool event today for the vinyl reissue of mid-2000s electropop band IGO's album Synth Love.

I learned that the band formed because they wrote a song about their forum, which they ended up shooting a video for:
(Maybe you too can write a song about this forum and start a moderately successful rock band)

B6 (the keyboardist, who is now a middle aged man with greying hair) signed my CD:

The video for their song It's No Easy is also really cool. It features a bunch of iconic Shanghai streets processed with CG

Learned a lot of history, especially about old Shanghai venues that no longer exist, like this place, which was apparently a massive maze:

my train is booked and I'm going to Snoqualmie WA next month for some Low Key Twin Peaks tourism and to have a lil spring fling!

I'm very much flying by the seat of my pants with this one! *Looking forward to* hitch hiking from tacoma to Snoqualmie, can't think of anyplace I'd rather hitchike to than the straight shoot into Twin Peaks!

I have friends in Bellingham, Tacoma and Yakima, so I'm **triangulating** their coordinates into the peaks of snoqualmie.

It's also a spiritual journey I'm embarking on.

@“treefroggy”#p158898 Treefroggy? more like Douglas Fir Froggy! I hope you catch the Legend of the Snohomish River King

@“treefroggy”#p158898 You will be doing a true pilgrimage for me - as a huge Twin Peaks fan I‘ve never had the chance to get even close to where you’ll be let alone actually get there so, please take an offensive amount of photos and I will be waiting to see every single one!

Enjoy the coffee, I hear it's damn good ;)

@“Tom of the Fog”#p158921 I kinda got it out of my system when I went to humboldt county to take photos of myself reenacting scenes from A Magical Evening with Beverly Luff Linn. I wanna be low key and enjoy the atmosphere

I did the Twin Peaks sightseeing thing in 2019 when I went up to visit a friend. It was magical, forreal. Very very very cool.

@“treefroggy”#p158998 I completely understand that. Whatever you do I hope you really enjoy it and share whatever you want to, even if it was just you saying “it was awesome”!

@“sabertoothalex”#p159003 Did you visit any of the locations from the show while there?

My trip could also be a weird disaster where I wind up living in the woods. Or I could wind up being in Yakima the entire time and sleeping in booboo’s car. I might only go into snoqualmie with her. She grew up going to snoqualmie but has never watched twin peaks which I think is awesome. She loves twilight. Very fun situation. I’ll do her favorite stuff in Sno and it will be my secret that it’s twin peaks.

Today was the first day of A Bunch of Noise (一把噪音), a noise festival in Shanghai. It was really good! There was absolutely too much for my tiny body to digest.

I tried keeping a record of what I saw on Bluesky, so you can check that out, though I can’t figure out how to post videos (if that’s even possible?) so instead I only have blurry photos. Oh well! Also I seemed to have accidentally broke the thread in two, because I have no idea how to use Bluesky! Here is the second part.

Tomorrow is day two, so if you’re in, say, North America and up really late, maybe my contextless photos of noise performances can accompany you through the night!