The Initiative's Perfect Dark

Holy Smokers upon Smokers

Just announced, will update.


That's actually pretty cool. The original Perfect Dark was a favourite of mine, back in the N64 days.

@Syzygy#10577 Was Perfect Dark ZERO a favourite of anyone's, back in the Xbox 360 days? I feel like the answer is no, but heck if I know for sure!

@whatsarobot#10583 Nah it was absolute garbage.

Ok trailer observations: Its obviously from the perspective of Dr. Carrol.

I am also fairly certain that sentry gun is a LAPTOP GUN

fall asleep to this my dudes

This is supposedly from the first “AAAA” studio, which is what they‘re calling The Initiative. And I’m really hoping that doesn't stick.

That said this looks really cool and I say that as someone who's not really into Perfect Dark

I highly doubt AAAA will stick, and the initiative has struck me as SNOOTY in its branding and positioning but I will play this and see for myself