The Insert Credit Gang Illustrated as Sonic The Hedgehog Characters

On Episode 157, with his winning question, the champion Tim Rogers asked the Insert Credit fellas to design themselves as Sonic The Hedgehog Characters. Tim said he wanted a Professional Expert to do the job, and that perhaps that Expert was already listening. I was listening, Tim, wherever you are…. I took the liberty of designing Brandon's character myself because he did not have a fair voice in his design. @Jaffe, I too did not like the idea of a chihuahua with a Justin Bieber haircut, and I did feel like randomly just calling Brandon a bat was not cool enough. I took the matter into my own hands. Brandon, you got what you wanted. You are a turqioise porpoise (I have a feeling you will pronounce porpoise like turqiose, @exodus.)

Without further ado, here it is, as accurate to the designs discussed as I could draft.


I also have a timelapse that I'll post later. I'm currently posting this on my phone and don't have it handy.

@SuperEffective#21609 this is the best thing


Bro the Fruit Stripes Gum Mascot, Yipes the Zebra…. These are all gnarly. the Zebra is definitely the fastest don't @ me.

@treefroggy#21617 Na, man, those colors don't run


Franks out here chasing history!

Oh my god

It's hilarious how instantly recognizable all these are! I had forgotten what conclusions everyone had come to on the show, but it took me, like, three seconds to figure out who was who. So good work! I want to know what kind of misadventures these guys are getting into right now as we speak.

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Very nicely done! And you're right about my pronunciation of porpoise in this case. Guess we should make this the episode picture!!


Hey, thanks for the twitter shout out!

And thanks everyone for the nice compliments. It was a fun little project to show appreciation for these cool dudes sharing their expertise with the WORLD.

This is great! Let me know if you'd rather we not use it as the title image @SuperEffective. I added your username and a link to here in the credits at the bottom of the post. If want me to link to anything else or use a different name to credit you let me know!



My dream has come true, this rules! Im totally cool with this. I consider this illustration a gift to the team for all your efforts so please feel free to use it!

@SuperEffective#21721 thanks so much!

Hey everyone, I wanted to say thanks again for all the nice responses. I‘m glad everyone’s enjoying this little illustration so much. Many thanks to the tomfoolery of these 4 fellas and the hours of entertainment that has made me a smarterer gamer man.

[If you want to see a little time lapse of this Illustration:](

frank got inked first! I see how it is

(I know it‘s because he’s in the back lol)

they wanted to close the tab with all the Fruit Stripe Gum mascot references as soon as possible


Now that you mention it, Frank being in the back might be subconscious. Frank tends to wait until the end of a question to say stuff, unless he's trying to call out something dumb or very incorrect.