The Insert Credit Snacktime Thread

I had pickled beets for the first time yesterday and I think pickled vegetables are my new favorite thing in the world. What other pickled vegetables should I try?

@“HeavenlyHalberd”#p153314 kimchi and sauerkraut are quite fankly goated

@“HeavenlyHalberd”#p153314 Seconding both kimchi and sauerkraut.

Of course there is pickled cucumber! Find a deli or market near you that tends to stock "international" goods, (or even just the "international" aisle at your supermarket) and grab a jar of Polish ogorki.

Pickled onion! both the larger variety, and the "cocktail onion"s.
DIY pickled red onions make _excellent_ components of sandwiches or toppings on a whole bunch of meals to add a light tang and a bit of acidity for balance. Super simple, too:


### [color=“#e577c0”]Pickled Red Onion[/color]

#### [color="#e577c0"]Ingredients[/color]

**1** Red onion
**1/3** cup rice vinegar
**1/4** cup water
**2** teaspoons plain sugar
**1** teaspoon kosher/cooking salt


#### [color=“#e577c0”]Directions[/color]

Cut the red onion in half through the root end, remove the skin, then cut thin slices in the direction from root to stem.
Whisk vinegar, water, sugar, and salt in a bowl or container until all the salt and sugar has dissolved in to the liquid. Add the onion slices, cover, and put in the fridge.


#### [color=“#e577c0”]Notes[/color]

In a rush you can use them even after about 15 - 30 minutes, but ideally let them sit for a few hours or overnight.

@“HeavenlyHalberd”#p153314 Pickled garlic is a delight, my friend. Especially the kind you can buy in a delicatessen with sweet peppers. :garlic:

I also love pickled caper berries.

@“HeavenlyHalberd”#p153314 I try to have some pickled onions and pickled carrots in the fridge whenever I can. We just quick pickle them, so they‘re just hanging out in a vinegar solution and not technically pickled, but they’re a great topping for rice, ramen, sandwiches, you name it. They add bright, acidic goodness to anything.

@“HeavenlyHalberd”#p153314 Pickled red cabbage is a personal favourite! It is nice to add to pretty much anything and is so easy to make.

Here's a recipe from [Sarsons]( but you can use regular malt vinegar if you don't have pickling vinegar.

Happy crunching!


@“HeavenlyHalberd”#p153024 Are grapes the most heavenly, perfect food ever created?

When they're fermented yes ;)

These pickle recs sounds heavenly. Definitely will go and try kimchi and sourkraut ASAP as they're pretty readily available at my grocery store.

Best snack to order with hong kong style milk tea?

In Insert Credit Show tradition, I want to make clear that I went to this place BEFORE I heard anyone else talking about it, but damn these are some good sandwiches