The Joys of Being Spherical - Marble Games

I‘ve come to be a great lover of games about manipulating a sphere. There’s something very satisfying about pinking and plunking a little marble around an obstacle course, and this is well trodden ground in videogames.

To begin, I think everyone who has access to a controller that looks like this
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Should absolutely play Cameltry

Cameltry falls on the Super Monkey Ball side of things, where the player manipulates the world *around* a marble instead of the marble itself, but the simple joys of flinging a sphere around are front and center here. This technically _can_ be played with other control schemes, but it really doesn't feel the same without the knob.

There are many other classic examples of course (Marble Madness, Super Monkey Ball, Rolled Out) but I'll open the floor to all of you; what are some great (or just interesting) marble games?

I saw the title of this thread and immediately thought “I gotta plug Cameltry.” Glad to see that's basically the reason the thread exists!! Cameltry rules!!

Did you know Wikipedia has a whole page for this? It‘s non-exhaustive, but it’s neat!

And yet it didn't have the best modern Marble game

Marble It Up! on the Switch is the best pure Marbling game out there today

Kororinpa on the Wii I played a lot of back in the day. You don't control the marble directly, instead you use the Wiimote to control the maze

i think it‘s great that some folks find joy in this particular mechanic. for me, it’s always been aggravating and stress inducing!

Kirby Tilt and/or Tumble is a relatively nice example, though. as usual, Kirby provides an edges-sanded-off version of the experience which is hard to be offended by.

Ballance is oddly enough one of my more replayed games. There‘s something so calming about it, low challenge but just engaging enough to be satisfying to execute well.

Looking back now it’s the perfect representation of low-budget PC gaming in the mid-2000s. 4:3 aspect ratio! Flat lighting! Physics puzzles!

Shame it's abandonware and never got any kind of re-release.

This does seem like a genre that hit its peak in the late 2000s, now that I think about it. Lots of weird little Wiiware games or original XBLA games that exist in unattainable limbo now. I should definitely nab Marble It Up, though! Love a good successor to a mostly underground/niche cluster of games.