The Joys of Blast Processing: A Genesis/Mega Drive Thread

I find myself thinking about the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive more than perhaps any other console of its era. I suspect this is at least partly because of how eager Sega is to keep it in the public consciousness compared to Nintendo. Would Nintendo drop a bunch of SNES ROMs on Steam for a buck a piece? Of course they wouldn‘t, but Sega’s done it like 50 times.

Part of this also comes from a long love of FM Synthesis, with the wonderful on board [Yamaha sound chip]( having both extensive range and a variety of pleasant and interesting timbres. I miss on board sound chips! They were cool!

It's also the result of spending time on the MiSTer and bouncing around that gigantic library full of weird stuff. Ever play Skeleton Krew? Wacky game, good music, great thing to spin up on a MiSTer for an hour.

It's a system of high highs and low lows. I haven't dabbled in the [very robust homebrew scene]( yet, but I'm sure there's a lot to love in there too.

Oh and play Ristar: