The Nintendo Switch IC Friend Codes thread

draw us like two of your French girls

Can we all get on the train to reclination station please? Feels like an IC secret handshake

@“Salloumi”#p74941 can't forget the wink!!

my code is sw-7848-0331-7407

(another person uses my account to play fortnite (and maybe other games, i dunno) occasionally, but it's basically just me)

((i changed my profile picture to look like i left the oven on for this))

Bumping this up a little to 1) see if there’s any more codes out there and 2) inform you as multiplayerers that Unrailed is currently on sale for £3.99, which is the price it should be. A light silly couch coop, in the surprisingly rare club of being able to run mixed online/offline multiplayer in a single game

Hello pals, me again. Don‘t think I’ve actually played anything with anyone, but I definitely already got my value out of this thread in terms of seeing ICers log-on to play Picross or XB3 :slight_smile:

Now: any European Spatfesters out there today? It's 9-9 in the UK, and I think I'll be on at the very start and very end. I am both very keen to try this game, and have only played Splatoon 2 for about half an hour. So I'm a little worried that I'm way behind the curve...

@“Salloumi”#p83077 I'll be trying out the demo tonight, probably from around 6ish onwards. Highly likely to be playing with some buds but join in if you see me.

love seeing all the bois and femboys prowling Splatsville

I call my aerospray Gaston because no one splats or combats or inks turf like Gaston!!!

Now that the ink has dried I have to say a few things:

-I did indeed feel like everyone except me knew what was going on
-because of that, I wish they had some of the progression mechanics in the demo. Would have at least been nice to work my way to a new hat or something
-why can’t you turn the music down/off? I get that splatoon has a vibe, but so do I

Would be interested to hear what more seasoned people thought.

You‘ll have to ask Nintendo about that last one. I only noticed that the track used for tricolor matches (or maybe it was playing in every match, can’t remember) had turn of the century racing game vibes, which I dug.

Was dreading tricolor matches until I was in it. Defending looked like it was probably a nightmare, but racing through their spawns and sometimes rock's (forgive me) with aerospray and punching the shark-shaped Kaneda's bike into and out of frays brought something out of me. I had charge up and swim up to help facilitate special spamming and quick getaways. This is how I would play turf wars originally: if the opposing team is too aggressive to let you ink turf then at least you can be a thorn in their side and make them waste time trying to catch you.

I really missed aero. It's trash in 2. So are mines! I actually got splatted by one during this testfire. I'm liking the buffs and reworks they've done to resurrect some weapons that haven't been viable since the first game.

Overall I had a ton of fun yesterday.

I had a good time yesterday but I was only in the defending team of the tricolour matches and I couldn‘t find any way to enter the opponents’ areas - I imagine you'd have to go so deep out of the middle that it would be very difficult to even get anywhere.

It did seem like I was just defending or repainting native territory all of the time rather than have any opportunity to be aggressive. I wouldn't want to be doing that all the time for a long stretch but it was fun and something different.

@“LeFish”#p83163 there was a tri match I was in where scissors was coming in pairs to our spawn and holding us back for probably half the match. Just couldn‘t press passed them. Most red teams I saw though tried to hold the center which didn’t make any sense since whoever‘s “defending” can’t catch the ultra signal themselves, so it would be way more useful to them as bait. I think people just need time to figure out the right playstyles for the new mode.

i forgot about the splatfest until like an hour before it ended so i just got to play a couple of matches until I realized I wasn‘t gonna be able to play enough to get a good gun, so i just ended up hanging out in the hub world for like half an hour.

that experience did left me wanting to play Splatoon 2 though and that’s what I'm doing right now.

I'm not sure if I'm gonna have enough money to buy splathreen when it comes out but I'm still excited about it.

Felt nice to log in after a few months to 10 new friend requests :slight_smile:

Who is _River_ and _RFO_? Are they from here? How does anybody keep track of who is in their friends lists haha

I‘ll toss my hat into the Friend Code thread! I wanted a decent pun for a name back when I was playing Monster Hunter so I’m Salton Pep on there.




@“treefroggy”#p99172 RFO?

edit: maybe i'll change it to be less confusing
editedit: full thing won't fit!

@“rootfifthoctave”#p99381 now I know so it‘s cool. I’m just bad at this cause I never log in. My steam is the same.

I can tell it's IC because every last one of you have Hyper Gunsport on your recently played right now, lol

spent a lot of time finding the perfect day to upload the final dream of my town, BUTT CREEK!

please check it out!