The Nintendo Switch IC Friend Codes thread

I didn‘t give mine out! I’d fancy a super mario kart 8 or splatoon 2 or Spelunky co-op sometime if anyone here is into that sort of thing.

**SW-6039-0918-0400** -

(I'm Seltzer / FE Lyn :D )

I play Sky, Fall Guys, and Super Kirby Clash! :3


i coulda sworn i posted mine here after getting my very first ever switch a few months back but:

### SW-0317-2557-8115

Totally missed this thread before — Here's mine.

safetylite / Harper - SW-4704-5905-9883

Down for Kart, Splart, N-SixtyFart, and loitering outside of Nook Mart.

Hey, why not?
I like looking at what my friends are playing. If forumites are getting some Smash going, count me in.