The one place that hasn't been corrupted by capitalism - the FMV thread


I’ve been on a bit of an FMV game kick recently between revisiting older / remastered games and checking out some new games from the last few years. I’m finding that they’re pretty fun to play with my partner and also as a group with friends!

I cannot for the life of me recall what my first encounter with an entire game made out of FMVs was outside of seeing them in magazines but playing D a few years ago renewed my interest in them and led me to check out more. A couple of contemporary ones that I’ve liked in particular are Erica, and Death Come True. I haven’t played any Sam Barlow games even though I really want to. Oops!

My partner and I are lining up some time to play Psychic Detective on PS1 at some point but I am also not-so secretly looking for recommendations, especially on PC because all I seem to be able to see on Steam is either Sam Barlow, Wales Interactive, or (mainly Korean) Asian harem fantasies. Gimme that weird shit!

Anyway, FMVs… talk about them!


in the what’s that game (easy mode) thread one of my choices was Top Gun: Fire at Will and i specified the FMVs they used in that game. one of the game over screens was a lady calmly looking back at the camera and saying something, then suddenly it was a game over. i never understood what the hell was happening and why i was failing the missions despite not crashing the plane.

anyway, here’s a video with all the game over scenes specifically timestamped to the lady i mentioned above


Oh! Shinobi X/Legions! It’s not an FMV game at all, but because it came out in 1995 it has a bunch of extremely of the moment FMV cutscenes that some civic-minded individual has posted online.

Shinobi X is the perfect intersection of two of my favourite parts of mid-90’s games: digitized sprites and grainy FMV.


Can we include games WITH cutscenes and not just made up of them? If so I’d like to mention my first real memory of them with Cannon Fodder on the 3DO!!

They blew my mind then and quite frankly do now as well, just in a different way.

If not please disregard my post and do not watch the video!!


Yes! I did specify entirely FMV games in my first post but non-FMV games with FMV cutscenes are cool as heck too! I love them.


I will never stop posting about Multimedia Celebrity Poker with Jonathan Frakes, Morgan Fairchild, and Joe Piscapo.


Good timing LeFish. I coincidentally just remembered the pizza incident in Tender Loving Care and meant to thank you for the recc from a few months back. Appreciate it.

I’m a big fan of the Phantasmagorias. They’re both horror themed point and click adventure games. Unrelated otherwise with different dev teams even. P1 is slow and unsettling, and P2 has more corny B-movie vibes. I do like P2 more.

One game I’ve been meaning to check out is Blue Chicago Blues. From what I understand, it was written by a Japanese team and then sent off to an American team to film. Sounds like a fun time and the Saturn version was recently fan translated.


CG mixed with puppet FMV was pretty fun.


there ought to be a way to turn a player’s natural language description of a choice they’re making in a game into a decent prompt for a generative ai, such that it could reasonably generate a video of the consequence of that choice that is within the confines of the overall story. if that turnaround can be made quick enough you could have something like a dynamic fmv game.

and as long as the generative ai sucks enough, it could be pretty fun.