the PCE CD turns 34 today!

i totally only played one in the day because my neighbors mom somehow found one at sams or costco? anyway i was a huge working designs fan on the sega-cd at the time so we went in on cosmic fantasy 2 and there's a fine kick in the balls ending right there, lemme tell you

anyway ys I&II are amazing, rondo of blood is still the series' peak, lords of thunder is dope and that air zonk one totally happened okay so yes let's celebrate another piece of gaming history, way ahead of its time

I like the pc engine cd too much to say anything about it, ha ha. I guess I say stuff about it on the podcast enough.

A lot of my top games are on here. Valis III, gate of thunder, Ys 1+2...

I've talked about this before but I love how this console starts out firmly 8 bit with some pretty simple looking games (with big sprites) like wonder momo

And then winds up looking like this, thanks to the cd.

Wild stuff