The Persistence of SRAM

Instead of using cheats I’m just gonna hang and do sub quests and get so powerful that I can beat the bosses without hurting my hand lol

Can we have a thread about old savegames in general?

A couple of months ago I installed an HDD using McBoot onto my 20 years old fat PS2 (using a tutorial shared by the very @"treefroggy"#449 on these forums lol). That prompted me to try some beloved games of that era, of which I happened to keep saves on my VERY old Memory Card. I had the WILDEST of times having a walk and chilling with the vibes of my ancient Final Fantasy X PAL save (fyi, European FFX had forced black bars and 50 hz without fix, it was a shocking experience seeing how bad the game looks on my CRT!).

I had some blitzball games on that save, won a couple of them then quitted. Guess I'll see you 20 years from now!


Yeah let's do it, great idea. allow me to make a few adjustments to finalize the title… (video game sound effect of offscreen construction of signage)

Coincidentally one of my hometown buddies posted findings from a 20 year old Dynasty Warriors save file of one of his units named BOSS UNIT that he maxed out at lvl 99 all stats.

[“The Persistence of Random Access Memory - Mourning Savegames”,“The Persistence of SRAM”]

A whole thread about that one company that makes bike components? I’m not going to say no, but it’s pretty specific, even for this website! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Show Me Anything Peugeot

Oh my god Yakuza 0 literally just crashed again during the credits, I’m so pissed. I’ll never reach Osaka again!

And there’s a post credits scene?? Why has this thread become a self fulfilled prophecy for me??

@“treefroggy”#p136564 I think I still have one Peugeot. I tossed the other one in the trash last winter.

@“antillese”#p136567 in HS my friend had a brown peugeot frame with red and yellow accents that he called Pidgeot and put owl feathers on it.

Oh yeah, I‘ve gotten 2/3 of the way through shining force sword of hajya for game gear twice, representing dozens of hours of play, before the batter (or something!) failed, wiping my save. I’m hoping I'll eventually get though it in the sonic cd version.