The Pope’s Hunt Board

The Pope of Videogames has spoken, it is open season. However, certain targets are tough to track down. With the collective wisdom of the forum, let us use this space to support one another in finding the unfindable.

If your original target is found, please edit and update your request post with the pathway you learned - it can be tough to track which mischief has been managed otherwise.

Disclaimer: if there exists a means of officially purchasing something (outside of the second-hand market), that is how you should get it. The goal of this thread is to help us find those things which have fallen through the digital cracks, as one might say, not to avoid paying for available products. Given the fragmentation of digital marketplaces, however, it can be easy to miss the legit avenues, so no worries if the solution to a hunt quarry is “buy it here.”

Also, if it ends up being a lmgtfy situation, it’s all good! Searching the web has become its own headache that can vary per user.


I’m specifically looking for disc images of Hanamaru koumuten, a Windows 95/98 Artdink joint.

As a Japanese release, it falls into a space where I am uncertain whether an image was ever ripped. Perhaps someone has a suggested angle for similar titles, as I feel like I don’t even know the lingo that would be used on the Japanese web for abandonware isos.


I love scavenger hunts like this and I tried my damndest but barely found anything. This game doesn’t even seem to exist in any English database. Not on Mobygames, Giant Bomb, Wikipedia.

There is currently an actual company called Hanamaru Koumuten which makes the search even trickier.

The only thing close to a lead I could find is that user BakuDD, who has dumped other rare Japanese stuff, said it was in their backlog in 2018. I can’t tell if it ever got dumped by them, but I suspect no. They were still actively uploading stuff at least as recently as 2023. They seem to be fairly ubiquitous in this niche of the community, so maybe somebody here has a more solid perspective on all that.

Finally, there’s a yahoo auctions listing for the game that has photos of the inside and back of the box, but I don’t know if that would aid in the search.

Basically, I wrote this up so I didn’t feel like I wasted the last couple hours.

Side note: In one of the chanboard threads I ended up in, there was somebody really upset at Frank


Thanks for lookin, I’ll go poke around BakuDD a bit myself. Sorry it was so fruitless!


Paging @LuigiIsThePope

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I’m afraid this is out of my wheelhouse! (I’m not the pope of video games, I’m just the regular pope)


i sadly have nothing to contribute other than i always find these things fascinating, not least of which because it makes me wonder why someone wants to know about an obscure thing and how they got wind of it in the first place.

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Lol, this comes out of a browsing of Artdink stuff (cuz they are my fav), where I found some NeoGAF thread of a dude shouting out some old pc titles. He called it Hanamaru Builder. I particularly want to give it a try because it looks akin to Theme Hospital but with dudes buildin stuff.

I think I found a copy with manual on a kinda dubious lookin site, but its only ¥5000 and I think surugaya might buy it back from me for close to that. I’ll report back if it materializes.


that’s better explained that some of my obsessions. good luck!


Ray Barnholt wrote the book on Artdink, so he might have an idea. The game gets a brief mention in issue 9


Holy shit Luigi’s face plus “I’m just the regular pope” might be the best thing I’ve ever seen


Yeh for sure just got ripped off, oh well. The listing had info and screenshots no other place had, hence I bit, but I assume it musta been lifted from some old listing from somewhere else that’s no longer findable. The hunt continues.

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