The PS4 Legacy (Remembrances and Recommendations)

days gone is the best ps4 game.

@“family_computer”#p140291 if you hit the option button I believe you can see how much time is left on the ps5 btw!

I really like the PS4, it was the first HD gaming machine I had. My laptop at the time was pretty bad and couldn't handle much, so booting up the PS4 was always a cool time.

I bought it in 2016 because I wanted to play Mirror's Edge Catalyst, a pretty cool game that you can now get for pretty cheap.
I then bought Bloodborne and got FFXV on the same holiday time. Bloodborne was really scary to me lol, I never had experience so much ambient noise so it felt very real. FFXV was okay, its become a good conversation piece among gamers lol.
I then went on to buy many PS4 games, NieR Automata, Gran Turismo Sport, Tetris Effect and Persona 5 Royal were some of my favourites.

I think the best thing about the PS4 was that everything just worked. I had it at the time that graphics cards were ramping up and Raytracing was becoming a thing. I found a lot of PC specs confusing at the time, so just putting in a disc and playing a game was simple and created no stress.

I think the PS4 was at the start or just before a plateau of computational improvements. Honestly I think most games can get away with being 1080p and 30-60 fps, I don't think there's much reason to go any higher than that. People (I'm people) can't actually notice the difference of higher specs.

I've been working a lot with PS4 development this year, deep diving into all the specs and how everything works is pretty cool. This is a 'tech demo' (_massive air quotes_) I made for some classes. Its an application made from the ground up using some of the inbuilt libraries.
Learning this under time pressure has been quite stressful, but easy enough that the devs making games for PS4 were definitely having a pretty good time.
[img width=600][/img]

I think the PS4 will be considered the next PS2 and I see it still getting games for another 2 or 3 years.

p.s. shoutout to Paragon and Paragon gamers, that game was okay

@“copySave”#p140200 I bought the PS4 on release and there wasn't a whole lot of games that interested me. I think Resogun may have been an early and free game part of PS Plus.

But my gosh Resogun is incredible and made me feel good purchasing that console so early on. Loved Returnal when it came out on PS5 and I'm basically interested in anything Housemarque moving forward.


@“beets”#p140350 I think the PS4 was at the start or just before a plateau of computational improvements. Honestly I think most games can get away with being 1080p and 30-60 fps, I don’t think there’s much reason to go any higher than that. People (I’m people) can’t actually notice the difference of higher specs.

I think that you notice it, but the thing is you need to have a little bit more time and patience with that, and I also there's an off-topic that might go with the art versus industry that goes with what you said. Bloodborne was the one game that made me thought I didn't care about 60 or more fps in some cases where the atmosphere requires more of a different vibe, and I think that is where you can appreciate that, but this is something for another thread and I need to give this thought a little bit more time.


@“deepspacefine”#p140304 I think those big first-party open-world blandish but beautiful games are the “quintessentially ps4” thing for me.

This is a great way of putting it and I'm right there with you.

The other day I started TLOU2 after many months of playing only older games, and I was floored by how good-looking it was. I like kind of forgot that games could look that nice. Not saying TLOU2 is as bland as most of those first-party Sony games (because I've barely played it), but I agree with you that Sony seemed to have a house style that heavily leaned on crisp, clean graphics and writing that was trying to be in line with popular prestige TV shows. So basically, that was the company's own chosen legacy for it, maybe.


@“family_computer”#p140291 resogun rules tho.

> @“MovingCastles”#p140351 But my gosh Resogun is incredible

Somehow I've never had any interest in Resogun in spite of owning both a PS4 and a PS Vita. I'll have to fire this one up asap.

Started playing Wattam last night. This thing is a hot, weird mess and it’s exactly what I always wanted my PS4 to have more of.

I also started Bloodborne. I loved DS1, so I’m looking forward to this.


the PS4 probably closed a pattern of reduced times i had to wait until i got the current-at-the-time generation’s console

PS1: released in 1994, got it in 2001
PS2: released in 2000, got it in 2004
PS3: released in 2006, got it in 2008
PS4: released november 2013, got it in december 2013

i have not and probably won’t buy a PS5