The Sacred Texts

updated at last, thank you all for continuing to contribute is good for finding out if you want to play a game or whether it's is 50 hours long. I use it a lot when deciding what to play next and what can be fit in to my current life commitments.

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Zophar's Domain is definitely a sacred text

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@“yeso”#p123792 oh my god this takes me back

Most sacred. Seriously, probably The Site that got me thinking about Retro Games.

You can't beat VGdensetsu at this

@“connrrr”#p126491 I still use this for their music archives several times a year.

found this one while working on the xword puzzle

Slightly OT but if you’re looking for mp3s of game soundtracks, this kingdom hearts fan page has been the biggest repository since the days of limewire. The sort of thing that should be one too-big torrent but somehow is hosted and browsable / searchable. I don’t understand why it came to be in this domain, but it sure is nice to have.


@“MDS-02”#p127475 And when using this website, remember to use this python script! Downloading too much will flag that you‘re a valuable user and they’ll start hitting you with download limits in a ploy for donations or sharing referral links. Scripts like this one will bypass that stuff and make for a more seamless downloading experience.

If you’re a nut like me curious about console RPG makers, this site still has some pretty recent activity across different versions:


@“sdate”#p145397 Game Ideas Wiki. another fun one to hit the random button on

This was my first hit. Those toxic moon mountains sound like no joke.

If anyone else is a Japanese ps1 demo/obscurities collector, this guy's documentation / collection is unparalleled:

I just learned about this multi-show/movie site which does the Frinkiac thing.

Contains a glossary of pre-*Peripheral* Gibsonverse terminology.

Qhimm wiki (Repository of FF-related hacking info)

Playstation programming tutorial(Tutorial series written by the developer of PSXNoobSDK, an open-source PSX SDK. Side note, the author's writing style is delightfully reminiscent of the eternally put-upon veteran poster that was ubiquitous on games forums in the late 90s and early 2000s) - a pretty thorough index of Japanese games browsable by genre. Good for sweeping the corners for missed scraps.

(Woops this has been shared previously. It’s still good!)

Whatever this is

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some cool scans of macross CDs and tapes: